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Women Drivers How to Stay Safe in Your Vehicle

Women Drivers How to Stay Safe in Your Vehicle

You’d surprised to learn that there are many women out there who’ve been attacked in their car when they were least expecting it.

There are several measures that you can take to protect yourself in your ride. This article will give you 5 tips to keep you safe in your vehicle. Adhere to them and you will not be caught by surprise.

1. Park and Leave Your Vehicle
This tip is especially important if it’s late in the night. If you’re attending a party or going to a club or even the mall, do NOT sit in your parked car and look at your phone or touch up your makeup or smoke and have a break.

In the event, that someone is lurking around waiting for a victim, you’ll be trapped in the car. If the doors are unlocked and the car is not in gear, they could just jump in and pin you down or choke you from behind. All these are very real scenarios.

Park your car and get out quickly and head purposefully to where you’re going.

2. Keep the Windows Up
Leaving the windows down makes it much easier for an attacker to reach in and grab you. So, if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting to pick up someone and it’s at an isolated place or late in the night, leave the windows up and turn on the AC.

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3. Outfit Your Car with an Anti-Carjacking System
With this system, the doors of your car will automatically lock once you get in the car and close the door. It’s a great feature to have. So many people forget to lock the rear doors of their vehicles. This often leads to theft or someone sneaking in through the back.

4. Don’t Pick Up Strangers
As good hearted as you may be, if you’re driving solo, avoid picking up any hitchhikers. This is especially applicable on lonely roads where you feel more sympathetic towards the person who may seem lost. If you see someone flagging you because they have car trouble on the road, you should call the police instead of stopping your vehicle to get out and help them.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book that criminals use to lure unsuspecting victims.

Once you’re out of the car, you might get mugged, attacked or worse. There may even be other accomplices hiding nearby waiting to overpower you and steal your vehicle or do worse.

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5. Park Close to Where You’re Going
Park as close as you can to wherever it is that you’re going. Going to the mall? Park at the closest vacant lot. Visiting a friend? Park as close to their house as you can.

Now is not the time to exercise. If it’s late in the night, the trip from the car to the mall or house can be very dangerous if someone is lying in wait. So, be aware of this.

These 5 tips will keep you much safer if you apply them.

Always maintain situational awareness so that you’re alert to any sudden threats. There have been criminals who’ve hidden behind cars and sprung out and forced the woman into the car once she opened the door.

So, you must be focused and alert. Do not constantly be glued to your smartphone and forget what’s happening in your surroundings. Just by keeping your head held high as you scan your surroundings confidently is enough to deter most criminals looking for easy and distracted prey.

That’s exactly where you want to be.



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