Will Juicing Really Help You Lose Weight

Will Juicing Really Help You Lose Weight

Can You Really Lose Weight With Juicing?

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Eating fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy body is a no-brainer. But lately there has been a buzz going on about the benefits of consuming fresh produce in its liquid form when it comes to weight loss.

Before you head to your local fresh market and grab every fruit and vegetable you can find, let’s dissect this whole thing so you can avoid potential pitfalls. So, will juicing help you lose weight?

The answer is YES and NO. Juicing is a good thing but only if you do it the right way. It’s great for people who want to replace their sugar-filled carbonated drinks with a healthier drink and those who can’t stand vegetables in their glorious, whole form.

However, vegetables do not taste good on their own which is why people make the mistake of adding a lot of fruits into the mix.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is good for us so we naturally assume that taking limited quantities does not have its repercussions. As mentioned earlier, as healthy as fresh produce can be, they don’t come with zero calories.


Common sense dictates that calories from your fresh juice add to your calorie intake.

This is significantly important if you are a huge fan of fruits that have high sugar content. Another concern raised by some dietitians is that we do not normally feel satisfied in drinking just a glass of juice in place of a meal.

What happens is that we either drink more juice or eat additional whole foods. Now you know why others are not successful in losing weight when they solely rely on fresh juice everyday for their caloric requirement.

Because juicing removes the pulp and the nutrient-rich skin, you are not getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables. If you really want to take this route to shed off some pounds, make sure you steer clear of produce that contains high amounts of calories and sugar.

Apricots, cherries, honeydew, grapefruit and raspberries are all delicious fruits that have low calorie content. When you are juice fasting, your normal caloric intake daily is anywhere between 500 and 800 calories.

Obviously, this is much less than the recommended daily calorie intake- 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men. Your weight loss journey should include an effective exercise plan so you can shed off the pounds in a healthy manner.


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