Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?

Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?

What Is a detox and what does detoxification do for your body?

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Detoxification is considered by health professionals as the single most important thing you can do to give your body an effective boost when dealing with sickness and the prevention of disease.

Never before has mankind been so exposed to such a vast array of toxic compounds arising from pesticides, chemicals, inhalants, exhaust fumes, drugs, heavy metals and radiation as are people in many parts of the world today.

Embarking on a detoxification program is the first step to reducing the detrimental impact of these toxins on our health. The Natural Care Detox Handbook by Dr. Jennifer Harper.

Why Detox?

Natural Health Boost.

Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?Avoidance of toxins in the environment with pursuit of clean air indoors and out.
Change of nutrition to a more organic nature.
Increase of nutrients – vitamins and minerals – through food and detox baths.

Flushes Out Toxins.

  • Increase of water consumption.
  • Increase of fiber in nutrition.
  • Ingestion of nutrients that help bind to toxins and eliminate them through waste.
  • Opening of pores to sweat or remove toxins from skin.
  • Options Based on Personal Preferences.

Length of detox plan.

Types of detoxes based on health goals (i.e.: liver function, weight loss, etc.)
Cost of detox, from at-home simple solutions to all inclusive, expensive retreats.
Can Be Used Daily or Occasionally.

Lifestyle detox solutions are long term plans.

Detoxing can be done after major events – holidays, surgery, etc.
Can be scheduled periodically such as 3 days a month, one week every quarter, and so on…

Benefits of Detoxing.

Help Your Organs function Better.

Your liver works to detox your body, and aids in digestion.
Your kidneys filter your blood and help remove waste.
Your lungs help deliver oxygen to your body and bloodstream.
Your skin protects you from harmful rays and environmental toxins.
Your colon, which removes the waste from your body.

Gain More Energy.

  • Sleep better throughout the night.
  • Put an end to brain fog that makes it impossible to be productive.
  • Put an end to sweet cravings that give you false energy followed by a crash.
  • Packs a super punch of vitamins and minerals that eliminate fatigue.

Lose Weight Quickly.

Puts an end to cravings for high fat, salty and sugary foods.
Juice detox eliminates bulky foods and gives you a liquid diet jumpstart.
Extra fiber in fruits and vegetables helps get rid of excess fat.
Increased energy levels give you more power to exercise.

Improve Your Health.

  • Provide a surge of antioxidants to your system with healthy, organic produce.
  • Eliminate exposure to carcinogens in your environment.
  • Help your organs function better so they can stave off disease.
  • Assist your body with nutrient absorption.

When Is the Right and Wrong Time for a Detox?

Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?Avoid it when your doctor advises against it.

If your current medical condition requires you to get a certain amount of calories.
If you’re prone to fainting whenever you don’t eat enough or have anemia.
If you’re nursing a baby and need increased calorie consumption to support two people.

Embark on a detox whenever you feel sluggish and fatigued.

  • Get rid of the junk and processed foods and replace them with healthy options.
  • Rev up your energy stores by shedding fat that’s weighing you down.
  • Allow your organs to work better for you without having to work harder because of toxic overload.

Don’t go on a detox plan until you’re ready to commit to it.

Doing a detox some of the time won’t allow you to feel the full effect of a detox flushing out the toxins from your body.
Falling off the detox wagon will cause guilt and stress, as well as make you be more stringent each time, which makes the process unenjoyable.
Take time to educate yourself about the detox process so you’re not making newbie mistakes.

Start a detox when you start experiencing symptoms of toxicity.

  • Routine headaches.
  • Unexplained fatigue.
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Weight gain.

Who Needs a Detox?

People Who Are Overweight.

Detox Diets Eliminate Cravings.
A Good Detox Promotes Good Gut Health.
A Detox Plan Provides Increased Energy or Exercise.
Detoxing Pushes Much-Needed Vitamins and Minerals Into Your Bloodstream.

People with Health Issues.

  • Those whose blood sugar has severe swings and needs to be leveled.
  • Those who have chronic pain.
  • Those who are coming off long-term toxic therapies like chemo.
  • Those who are battling kidney or liver disease.

People Who Are Battling Addiction.

Detoxing helps with alcohol addiction.
Smoking cessation is eased with detoxing.
Those who have been addicted to drugs get help through detox programs.
Food addictions and cravings can be lessened through detox plans.

People Who’ve Had Surgery.

  • Anesthesia toxins get removed with a good detox plan.
  • Healing is promoted when your body functions properly.
  • Post surgical infections can be avoided with a healthy detox program

How to Detox the Right Way.

Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?Learn Which Detox Best Suits Your Needs.

Based on your health needs or health goals.
Based on your budget.
Based on the length of time you’re capable of committing to a detox.
Based on the level of convenience you want to have.

Get Everything Ready Beforehand.

  • Invest in the right kitchen appliances and to go containers.
  • Download or create some recipes to get you through the detox plan.
  • Shop for the best organic ingredients and do some prep on it if you think you’ll feel rushed.

Listen to Your Body to See How It Responds.

When it’s working, you’ll enjoy increased energy, weight loss, better skin, and your health stats should begin to improve if you have blood panels run, such as cholesterol, etc.

When it’s causing damage, you might have adverse reactions, such as feeling faint or lethargic. This is a sign that you need to switch detox plans to something with more substance. Typically occurs in people who jump from a fat-laden diet to nothing but water and lemon for extended periods of time.

Use Water to Improve Your Detox Plan

  • Water helps with circulation
  • Water helps with flushing out toxins through your waste
  • Water helps remove toxins from the outer surface of your body
  • Water replenishes the liquids you lose while sweating out toxins through your pores
  • Increase internal water consumption
  • Engage in periodic Detox baths to help the topical surface of your skin

Where Is the best place to learn Detoxing?

  • Detox Diet Books.
  • There’s a wide array of options.
  • You can read reviews to see what others have to say.
  • You can do a “look inside” on Amazon.
  • They have systems and recipes books to choose from.
  • You can try different ones on different weeks.
  • They’re inexpensive.

Online Detox Courses.

Typically created from the author’s personal experience.
Delivery generally includes multi media options such as audio podcasts, video and text combined.
Sometimes includes a community of like-minded participants.
Often come with a lifetime guarantee.
Direct contact with the creator is common.

Detox Questions & Answers: Why Your Body Needs a Detoxification?Detox Videos Online.

  • You get to see what’s being created for the detox plan.
  • There’s a lot of video options to choose from.
  • Offers continual information and support to stay motivated.

Detox Trial and Error.

Everyone’s preferences will vary, so one recommendation may not suit you.
You’ll be able to experiment with your favorite fruits and vegetables.
You can tailor a detox system just for your own combination of health needs.
You’ll be able to see how your body reacts to certain detox efforts.







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