What is the Doonya Workout All About

What is the Doonya Workout All About

There is nothing new about dance workouts. In fact, they are incredibly popular because they are fun, active, and work your entire body while building your cardio.

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Though these types of dance and music based workouts are not new, the style in which some come out is. One of the latest dance and music workouts to hit the exercise world is a form called Doonya. Doonya hails from the world of Bollywood. If you like Bollywood musicals and you want to know more about the workout, here are a few things to consider.

Workout Time

The first thing you need to know and expect with a Doonya workout is the time of the class. The class itself lasts around 55 minutes. This means it may or may not work as a lunch break option for you depending on your time constraints.

However, it can be an ideal workout for someone with about an hour and a half to spare for their workout routine. That being said, the workout time is an intensive cardio and dance routine that has you moving the entire time from move to move to end up with a 55-minute full body cardio workout.

Here's the deal: You can listen to music on your ipod. But how about dancing along and breaking a sweat to burn off some holiday cookies/cocktails? Enjoy a little med-high cardio for your #WorkoutWednesday

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Calorie Burn and Routine

The calorie burn for the type of class that Doonya offers is high, averaging between 400 to 500 calories per 55-minute class. In order to get the maximum calorie burn, you will need to learn the steps and the dance routine.

This can take several classes or longer to learn and to make sure you are doing correctly in order to actually burn the calories and tone the body area that you are working on.

You will still burn calories as you learn, but it does take time to build to the full calorie burn that an advanced Doonya workout enthusiast will receive.

Food is a Part of It

One aspect of Doonya workouts that people may not consider, and enthusiasts of this workout say is key, is the diet. You may think that every exercise or workout plan requires a healthy diet, and that is true. However, with Doonya it can be even more vital.

The entire workout plan is based on Eastern medicine, holistic practices, and workouts. This means that eating a vegan or vegetarian diet may give you more rapid and better results than a meat based diet.

Though this observation is based on experiences of practitioners of Doonya, it is one to consider. The Doonya workout options vary, so you are not stuck with just one option.

You can do these on the go, at home, on your tablet, or in a group setting.


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