What is Bodyweight Training

What is Bodyweight Training

Simply put, bodyweight exercise is a form of strength training.

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Strength training uses muscular resistance and contraction to increase your strength. Strength training as a whole can include the use of free weights and elastic fitness devices, gravity and hydraulics, and working out using nothing more than the body you were born with.

When strength training is performed properly, there are significant internal and external health benefits that you enjoy. Bone density, muscular strength, ligament and tendon toughness will improve.

Furthermore, your joints work better, heart and respiratory functions are improved, your cholesterol levels benefit, your metabolism is cranked up and mental clarity is even delivered. Combine bodyweight exercises with circuit training to amplify health and fitness. (More on this exciting fitness combo later.)

Bodyweight Training will make you fit, healthy and tough too!

What used to be called calisthenics is now referred to as bodyweight training. It is a combination of cardio and resistance training. Gravity and body weight provide the resistance needed to challenge muscles.

Workouts are easily customized for young and old, men and women.

Another benefit is that you do not need to purchase heavy weights and expensive fitness equipment. Bodyweight training has become extremely popular in the past few years and especially with people who don’t have a lot of time or money to spend at a gym.

Bodyweight Training Torches Body Fat. Missing your abs? Follow a Bodyweight Training only program and you’ll find your missing six pack in no time. Many of us get ultra shredded via Bodyweight Training only, with only minimal cardio.

Bodyweight Training Heals Injuries and Builds Flexibility. Pounding the weights for year after year often leaves us with a laundry list of unhealed injuries. Many will quickly heal up once we switch our training protocol and focus on Bodyweight Training alone.

On top of this the flexibility benefits can be compared to an original Bodyweight Training method – yoga (which was originally used by Indian warriors as a conditioning method!)

Bodyweight Training Supercharges Endurance. Kiss the treadmill goodbye. High rep Bodyweight Training will build real endurance WHILE you build great looking muscle!

Bodyweight Training Gets You Fit On A Budget. Apart from some instruction (which you are reading right now) you can train without any added expense at all. Need to save money? Now you can get fit without going near a gym unless you choose too.

Bodyweight Training Builds Toughness. Truth be told, the toughest guys in the world train following Bodyweight Training almost exclusively. Military elite units and special forces, boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artists – even inmates in the world’s most dangerous prisons.


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