Use Technology to Help You Improve Your Fitness

Use Technology to Help You Improve Your Fitness

Thanks to innovative technology, there are now a plethora of methods you can use to help you meet your physical fitness goals and achieve success and stay safe while exercising.

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They can help with goal setting because you don’t have to guess at meeting some of the hurdles within your goals. You’ll know how high your heart rate went when exercising or how many steps you traveling during the day.

Use Technology to Help You Improve Your FitnessThey’ll also help you focus on your health and fitness goals and set priorities. Some are apps that you can download for access while others can be worn or even inserted within your body.

One of the best in wearable fitness technology is the Spree headband. It provides detail about your body such as your core temperature, distance information, speed you’re moving, heart rate, GPS info and how many calories you’ve burned.

The Spree headband is lightweight to fit over your forehead and has the added benefit of keeping sweat from dripping in your eyes.

Check out the reviews online. It makes a great gift or the perfect personal indulgence.

5 Gym Gadgets That Will Improve Your Workouts

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The innovative Jawbone UP24 is a bracelet that monitors your workouts, how you sleep and even tracks your diet through the downloadable app that comes with it. It doesn’t come with a screen, so you have to use the app, but Bluetooth makes sure it’s always connected to your phone for current updates.

Nike is always a good bet for the best sports and exercise footwear. The Nike TR1+ Trainers is another example of combining technology with the best brands to get an amazing way to monitor your workout.

These shoes contain sensors in the sole of the shoes which react to pressure from your foot’s toe, ball and heel. You’ll receive measurements about movement and weight spread on a downloadable app and be able to get real-time feedback on your body’s posture and movements.

Use Technology to Help You Improve Your FitnessAdded bonuses for the Nike Trainers include video workouts from some of the world’s best athletes and will even pair you with a virtual gym friend to help you along and motivate you to exercise.

Withings Smart Body Analyser keeps you motivated by analyzing your weight loss so it’s not as demoralizing as getting on the weight scales. Many people simply give up when the scales show weight gain (or same weight) after working so hard to lose it.

The Smart Body Analyser connects to your home WiFi network and provides more information than a simple number. You’ll be able to measure your heart rate, ambient temperature, body fat and even air quality to instantly see how your exercise performance is affecting your body.

This app will become the focal point of your workout regimen and does so much more than measure your workout routine.

You’ll also receive info from sleep trackers, your fitness bracelets and blood pressure through the app. Having all of the information in one central app helps you gain insight into how your body works.

Use Technology to Help You Improve Your FitnessDo you have trouble tearing yourself away from gaming to go to the gym? The Xbox 360 Kinect is yet another appealing gadget to keep your exercise regimen on track.

Nike and Adidas have produced games to work with the Xbox Kinect through motion sensors.

You’ll need an Xbox console to play the games, but you’ll have the added benefit of the motion sensors to plan your fitness regimen and receive feedback on your performance. It’s a fun and easy way to exercise in your own environment.

Experiment and do some online research to find a technological innovation that would be fun and informative for you to use.

There are so many now available that you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing.


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