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The Ultimate Boxing Combo Workout

The Ultimate Boxing Combo Workout

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This boxing-inspired 30-min workout will get your sweating and feeling pumped. You can use a heavy-bag or light dumbbells or shadowbox.

Exercise courtesy Danielle Burrell, C.P.T., founding trainer, Rumble Boxing, New York City.



3 Minute Warmup

  • Jumping Jack (30 sec)
  • High Knee (30 sec)
  • Mountain Climber (30 sec)
  • Speed Squat (30 sec)
  • Fast Feet (30 sec)
  • Forward Lunge (30 sec)

Each round is 3 min with 45-sec rest in between.

Round 1:

(45 sec. each combo/exercise)

  • Jab, Cross
  • Jab + Cross (2x), Duck (Squat)
  • Jab, Cross, Front Hook
  • Jab (2x), Cross

Round 2:

(45 sec. each combo/exercise)

  • Front Hook, Back Hook
  • Front Hook, Duck (Squat), Back Hook, Duck (Squat)
  • Front Hook, Back Hook, Front Uppercut, Back Uppercut
  • Front Uppercut + Back Uppercut (as fast as possible)


Round 3:

(45 sec. each combo/exercise)

  • Jab + Cross (20x), Duck (Squat) (2x), Front Uppercut + Back Uppercut (20x)
  • Front Uppercut + Back Uppercut (20x), 2 Burpees, Front Hook + Back Hook (20x)
  • Jab, Cross, Front Hook
  • Jab, Cross, Front Hook, Duck (Squat)

Round 4:

(45 sec. each combo/exercise)

  • Front Hook (3x)
  • Cross (3x)
  • Jab + Cross (as fast as possible)
  • Front Hook, Cross, Duck (Squat), Cross

Round 5:

Challenge round!

  • 1 Burpee, Jab + Cross (10x)
  • 2 Burpees, Jab + Cross (8x)
  • 3 Burpees, Jab + Cross (6x)
  • 4 Burpees, Jab + Cross (4x)
  • 5 Burpees, Jab + Cross (2x)
  • 20 High-Knee Sprints
  • Cooldown


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