Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4

Avoid These Summertime Fitness Mistakes

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Summertime is the perfect time to implement a fitness plan. But it can also be one of the easiest times to fall off the fitness wagon.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4Not having to keep to the same schedule that you normally have to during the rest of the year can be incredibly freeing, but it can also be harder for people who struggle with having less structure.

One of the things that tempts so many people with summertime is not wanting to get up out of bed right away when the alarm goes off.

When you have to get up to get the kids to school or you have to get up and get breakfast ready, you have something nagging at you that propels you out of bed.

When that push is gone, more often than not, it can take your discipline right along with it.

During the summertime when you want to set a fitness plan into action, you need to make sure that you create a schedule and stick to it.

That means that you get up at the same time every day.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4You eat your meals on a schedule and you work out according to a schedule. Doing that can help prevent you from sleeping in or sleeping too late.

When you sleep too late, you can end up with a sleep headache. It also slows your metabolism down.

But sleeping in can also derail your motivation. It creates a slower, sloth type mentality that makes you want to kick back and do nothing.

Create your fitness schedule and stick to it. On days that you plan to be out in the sunshine getting in your activity or your workout, you also need to have a plan B.

“Have something that you can do as an alternative in case the weather suddenly turns bad.

That way, you’ll always know what you’re doing or what you’re going to do. By sticking to a schedule, your body gets used to that and you can keep up the momentum.

Another mistake that people make in the summertime when it comes to a fitness plan is they don’t account for the change in the weather.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4The humidity can be unbearable during the heat of the summer unless you adjust your activities and what you wear to compensate for it.

On high humidity days, you need to be somewhere that’s cooler – such as by the water. Or you need to adjust your timeline so that you’re avoiding the heat of the day.

If there’s a heat index warning out, you should avoid exercising in the heat since this can have some dire consequences for your health. Make sure you wear breathable workout clothes that wick away the sweat.

This will help keep your body cooler. You should avoid cotton clothes. While they might feel comfortable when you first start out, by the time your workout is over, the clothes will be wringing with sweat and uncomfortable to wear.

If you know that it’s going to be an especially hot day outside, you can exercise in the water. This way, you’ll stay cool regardless of what the temperature is. In some cases, it would be better to stick to an indoor pool or other indoor activities, especially if you have smaller children with you.

One fitness mistake that many people make has to do with the area of hydration.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4Hot weather can quickly dehydrate you even if you don’t feel like you are. By the time that you actually do feel thirst, your body is already in need of hydration.

You have to make sure that you’re drinking more when you’re exercising outdoors than you do when you’re performing the same exercise indoors. Some people believe they need to replenish their body by drinking sports drinks.

That’s not necessarily true. You have to be careful when hydrating with sports drinks. The majority of them are loaded with sugar and even the smaller bottles usually hold more than one serving size.

So you can end up with two or three times the amount of sugar than you think you’re getting. Not only that, but if you check the label, you’ll see that you’re also getting a lot of extra, empty calories.

Remember that the more humidity you encounter, the more hydration you’re going to need because that can cause your body temperature to become more elevated than it normally is.

“While you’re exercising, you should drink water – at least 8 ounces every half an hour – to make sure that you stay well hydrated.

If you’re worried about creating an electrolyte imbalance, eating a piece of fruit gives you the same electrolyte benefit that you can get from a sports, drink but without all that extra sugar.

It can be tempting to push yourself hard so that you reach the next goal on your fitness plan, but you do have to be careful. Exercising in nature is a lot different than exercising in a gym.

This is why there are always warnings about exercising during the heat of the day.
Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4

One common fitness mistakes some people make is not knowing when to end the workout or physical activity.

When you’re working out, don’t ignore any new symptoms that pop up.

If you start feeling sick to your stomach, you get a headache or you feel dizzy, those are all signs of heat related illness and you need to cool down.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you when you’re exercising outside.

Another fairly common mistake that people make with fitness during the summertime is they don’t eat enough – or regularly enough.

When it gets hot outside, that can sometimes work as a natural appetite suppressant. When the temperature rises, start thinking about quick and easy foods that you can make.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4People tend to lean toward picking out fresh fruits and vegetables to eat because they’re not heavy on the stomach. This is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you don’t get enough carbs.

You can eat low carb for fitness, but you have to be careful not to take your carbs so low that it affects your ability to function. The recommended amount of carbs is about 50 grams a day.

You can spread that throughout the meals in your day. If you choose to eat a diet that’s lower in carbs than that, you have to make sure that you stay above 20 grams.

Any less than that can be dangerous and it can derail your fitness plan. It can cause you to lose energy, get dizzy, develop headaches and enter a state of fatigue.

If you eat 20 grams or less of carbs and you’re exercising, this can lead to ketosis, which can have severe health consequences for some people and not affect others.

This is something that can happen even in people with a healthy glucose response.

Another mistake that people make when it comes to their fitness plan is they tackle it like a chore.

They power through the exercise, but the entire time, they’re hating every second of it. No one ever said that exercise had to be something just to be endured – that it had to be something you have to suffer through.

Don’t make the mistake of not making exercising fun.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4You might be someone who doesn’t enjoy a regimented exercise routine, and that’s perfectly okay. You can customize an exercise plan that includes all the fun things that you do like to do during the summer.

Exercise should be something that you look forward to, that your entire family looks forward to – because when it’s fun, you’ll stick with it.

You can choose things like hiking or swimming, riding a bike or rock climbing.

These activities can give you the same benefits, including muscle toning and losing weight, that a structured routine can give.

You also want to make sure that you don’t make the mistake of not taking some time off from your fitness plan.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 4You’ll want to schedule in the days when you don’t work so hard on fitness – take some time to relax and enjoy summer.

You also don’t have to watch your carbs with the same stringency every day of the summer.

You need at least a day – if not more – where you take off every week to let your muscles rest and to recharge yourself.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and food and rest are part of that enjoyment process.


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