Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3

Summer Fitness Friendly Food

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In the fall and colder months of the year, there’s not as much fresh fruit and vegetables. And more often than not, what is available can be of poorer quality. This is just one reason that people don’t eat as much fitness friendly food during the fall and winter months.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3But in the summertime, that changes. Everywhere you look from the grocery store to farmer’s markets, to roadside stands to your own garden, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

So much, in fact, that it makes eating healthy and cooking with good foods a lot more convenient. Not only that, but these fresh foods are more affordable during the summer season.

With the warmth of summer, the way food gets prepared changes, too. There’s no longer than snap in the air or that chilly wind blowing that keeps you cooped up in the warmth of your kitchen.

Instead, you can break out the grill for cooking and that opens up a whole new way to prepare meals in a healthy manner. Grill cooking adds flavor and can make the whole family happy to share in healthier foods.

Plus, you can enjoy grilled foods as part of a social gathering with family or friends. It’s easier to meet your fitness goals when you can enjoy healthy lean meats cooked to perfection on the grill.

You can also toss on some brightly colored vegetables with the grilled meats. By adding red or orange peppers, you’re loading up on all kinds of vitamins and minerals – including the all important antioxidants.

During the summertime, the nature of treats also changes.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3When the weather is colder, everyone wants the more carb heavy treats. That’s actually a natural thing that the body goes through in preparation for the seasonal change.

But during the summer, there are treats available that make it easier to eat better and in a way that’s designed to either help you lose weight or keep your body from gaining.

Because it’s hot outside, the amount of frozen treats available just skyrockets. The stores are filled with huge selections of frozen dishes, single treats and everything under the sun from frozen fruits on up for you to choose from.

Plus, in the summertime, there’s more fruit available. You can buy fresh ripe fruit and use it as a treat instead of something carb heavy and loaded with all that extra sugar.

By buying fruits, you can enjoy them as a snack or as part of your meal. During the summertime, you’ll want to take advantage of all those wonderfully warm daylight hours.

But you don’t want to stop your activities to refuel on foods that can derail your fitness plan. With all the fruits and vegetables available, that makes it easier for you to plan ahead.

You can make sure that the foods that you take with you are the ones that will best serve your health needs. By preparing fruits and vegetables and other snacks at home, you can take nutrient-dense meals with you everywhere you go.

Plus, this makes it much easier to be able to feed your children more nutritiously as well. Even kids who aren’t all that enthusiastic about fruits seem to enjoy them more in the summer.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3You can pack your cooler with ice or some ice packs and load it up with fruit or vegetable snacks. The best way to do that is by cutting up several mixtures of vegetables and put them together within one dish.

You can do the same thing with fruit. The crunchier the fruit or vegetable, the better. What some people do to take advantage of all the great fruits and vegetables that are available during the summer is they buy plenty and then use a dehydrator.

You don’t have to worry about the fruit spoiling – plus, you still get all the nutrition benefits from the foods that you dehydrate. These make pretty handy snacks to take anywhere for kids or adults.

One of the things that most people struggle with when it comes to eating healthy during the summer is being too tired to eat healthy.

Being outside in the warmer weather has a way of really zapping your energy.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3You can feel more tired after a day at the beach than if you’d had a hard, strenuous workout at the gym. The reason for this is because of the sun.

Being out in the sun can cause your body to work harder due to temperature changes within your body.

So while it might feel more relaxing, your body is actually working harder when you’re out in the sun. When you’re feeling that tiredness and you’re so drained, you don’t want to have to deal with making a meal.

You want some food that you can get to fast. This is why you want to make sure that your food is either ready to take with you or it’s ready and waiting for you at home.

With the abundance of fruits and vegetables, it’s easy to make a fruit or vegetable salad and keep that on ice to take with you wherever you go. You can also prepare the salad ahead of time at home and leave it in the refrigerator.

If you’re concerned about things getting soggy, you can put each of the items in a separate dish and just mix it together once you’re ready to eat it.

For a healthy snack during the summer that has a bit of zesty flavor, you can cut up vegetables like cucumbers, squash, red peppers and broccoli and put the slices in a baggie or a dish.

Add a tablespoon of Italian dressing and shake the vegetables up. The vegetables end up lightly coated and you get a no carb snack that’s suitable for children or adults.

You can prepare meals ahead of time for before you go to the beach, to the pool or any other outdoor fitness activity.

You always want to start with lean meat for the protein.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 3Your body needs that protein to help your muscles repair themselves and stay strong. The day before, grill chicken or another lean meat along with some colorful vegetables.

Cut them up and place them in a dish. When you return home, scoop them into a tortilla or a pita and place it onto the grill to warm. This takes less than ten minutes depending on your grill.

What can really be a help during the summer months is to know what you’re going to eat when you’re going to eat it.

Even if you’re not a big fan of writing out your meals, this will help keep you on the fitness track during the summer – even if all you do is track the meals that you’re going to eat on the days when you’re coming home from a day outdoors.

Take a large calendar and write down what you’re going to eat for lunch, dinner and snacks during that day. Then, the night before while you’re at home (or one day a week when you meal prep), prepare that meal.

This is one way that you won’t be tempted to just eat whatever. Plus, it’s a good way to help keep your kids on a healthy eating track when the fast food and tiredness can make it too easy to let your guard down.


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