Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1

When summertime arrives, it feels like a new beginning – and it can be.

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It’s the perfect time for you to reach all of your personal health goals and that includes getting fit.

With summertime, you don’t have those shorter, more hectic days. Opportunities to exercise abound and the amount of fresh, healthy foods are plentiful.

You can make delicious meals that are filling, but less carb heavy with summertime’s bounty.

If Your Go-To Excuse Is Time, Summer Is Here to Help!

Everyone is busy and during the fall, winter and spring months, it feels like the appointments on the calendar and the daily responsibilities just keep multiplying.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1But when summer rolls around, there’s a change with that.

It feels like a breath of fresh air has blown into your life and you can feel the pressure and the chaos of the rest of the year letting go.

While things are slowing down, your schedule loosens up a bit.

The opportunity to finally get involved in a fitness plan opens up for you. Summer is the best time to put aside all the excuses you have when it comes to not having enough time to exercise.

With summer, comes the longer days that seem to stretch out endlessly with the added bonus of plenty of sunlight. While you might not technically gain any more hours in the day, you do gain freedom from the schedule that you were chained to before.

If you’re a parent to kids during the school year, you suddenly gain the freedom from that restricting school schedule. When kids are in school, there is always something that you have to take care of.

It can be things like making sure the laundry is done so that a favorite outfit or uniform can be washed and ready to go. Or you might be making sure that gym clothes are washed and ready for use.

You have to keep up with making sure all the homework is done and checked. Every permission slip or note has to be signed. Lunches have to be packed or money to buy lunch set aside.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1There are dozens of little things that eat up your time during the year when you have kids in school.

And the more kids that you have in school, the more time you spend taking care of related issues.

There are always events to go to at school. There are sports teams to root for, cheerleading, band or chorus, yearbook, drama club and dozens of other possible school related things to attend.

These can easily eat up your time during the year and if you have two or more kids, then you could easily find yourself running back and forth to school events three times a week or even more often.

You can get stretched so thin with your time and energy that it’s no wonder you struggle to find time to exercise and get fit during the year.

But summertime changes all of that.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1With the freedom that you now have, you can fit in a workout. You can take the time to go on walks. You can hit up the gym.

You can dust off the equipment in your home gym or whatever you have.

When you don’t have to ferry kids back and forth, and when you’re not picking kids up or dropping them off at school, you’ll discover that you can end up with a couple of free hours every day and several hours a week.

Instead of chilling out all summer and taking a break from the less hectic family schedule, put taking care of you on the calendar.

“It’s the perfect time to invest in your health and fitness plan.

All of a sudden, you have all the time in the world to work out and get fit. Summer is the best time to start a fitness plan because it’s more relaxing.

Studies have shown that when people begin an exercise regimen during a time when they’re relaxed, they’re more likely to stick with it.

Summertime offers you a wide open space on your calendar to make your fitness plan fit into your life.

You can tighten up, lose weight or gain strength and the good  news is that by the time summer’s over, you’re going to be so thrilled with the results that you’ll want to keep up the effort during the rest of the year.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1Once you start exercising and getting fit, it can easily be turned into a habit. You’ll find that it’s easier not to let extra pounds slip back on during the rest of the year.

Of course, you do need a plan to get your body into the shape you want.

Having a plan can give you steps to follow so that you end up with a fitness regimen that takes advantage of all the benefits summer has to offer for your health.

The plan that you follow can be customized so that it fits whatever it is you want to do in the summer with your family and it can also be tailored to meet whatever scheduled you decide to keep.

Some people break a fitness schedule into doing certain movements on specific days.

Others will keep a timed fitness schedule to tell them what they need to be doing at a certain time during the day.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1Knowing which days to exercise in a specific manner as well as which days to use for different types of exercise can help you create a schedule that will work for you and your family.

You can use the summer for health for yourself or your entire family as well as being able to keep up with the fun times or spending time with family or friends.

If you decide that you want to break down your summer fitness by days of exercises, use the days to target specific areas of your body.

“Make sure that you also schedule in days of rest in between the workouts.

On Sundays, plan to spend that time doing fun, active things with your family.

While this isn’t targeted exercise, it can help to keep you warmed up and physically active versus doing things like sitting around watching a movie.

Do whatever you all enjoy that gets you off the couch and out of the house. Depending on what state that they live in, some families choose to be more physical in the evenings to avoid the heat of the summer.

Then when Monday rolls around, plan for an exercise routine that specifically targets your entire body as well as one particular area such as your arms or legs.

This would be exercises such as pullups, situps, squats, or kettlebell exercises.

In the summertime, you can do these exercises outside in the fresh air and sunshine for a welcome change of scenery.

On Tuesday, you should plan a day of rest for yourself or your family and engage in some light activity such as taking in a sightseeing tour for the area where you live.

For Wednesday, you should exercise using a full body workout program and target another specific area of your body such as your core.

Skip Thursday and have a day off, then on Friday do another full body workout.

You can either take Saturday off or you can plan that for a strictly cardio workout.

The key to successful exercising in the summertime is to make it the kind of exercise that you enjoy.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1During the rest of the months of the year, you might jog around your neighborhood or at a park – but in the summertime, you have the option of enjoying spectacular views at the beach while you jog along the sand.

The sand is heavier to jog through than running on grass or asphalt so you end up getting a better workout for your legs.

When you set up a workout schedule, you can set it up so that it fits what you like.

If you don’t like the idea of resting between exercise days, you can switch to doing two cardio workouts a week with three weight training days for five days and take two days off.

Some people use that schedule and exercise during the week but take off on the weekends. This schedule helps them to stay in sync with one that they can segue into when it’s time for school to start back again.

You can also set up a fitness schedule with timing.

For example, you could say that on Mondays you could do a 10 minute cardio workout followed by a 5 sets of crunches, 5 sets of bicep curls and more.

Summertime (No Excuse) Fitness Plan Part 1You just customize the workout to pick the exercises that fit the area that you want to target.

Other people stick to a clock type of schedule where they rise early in the morning and by 6 o’clock they’re out for a morning walk, then by 6:30, they’re working out targeted areas through weight training.

With summertime, you can set your exercise schedule to be whatever it is that you want.

You have more daylight hours and the extra dose of vitamin D gives you a boost of energy you often don’t get in the winter months.


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