Chair Fitness Seated Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Chair Fitness Seated Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Seated Exercises Chair Fitness – CORE #1- Multiple Sclerosis – Abs – MS – Video #1

Welcome to chair fitness ! This is my first video (please forgive the barking pup in the background:).


Video Transcript:

welcome to cheer fit with Nancy I have
taught exercise classes for persons with
multiple sclerosis since 2005 my goal is
to bring my experience and content with
you today the purpose of these videos is
to show general fitness techniques that
could be done from a seated position a
few tips please consult your physician
or physical therapist or occupational
therapist who specializes in your
diagnosis prior to starting a fitness
routine start slowly build gradually and
do what you can
starting can be tough but hang in there
it may take a few weeks to feel better
but don’t give up do not work to fatigue
or into pain this is an independent
project and I do not represent any
specific organization at this time
thanks for joining me let’s get started
today we are going to be doing some core
exercises on the chair
each of these videos we’re going to do a
very similar warm-up and cool down make
sure that you’re spitting a nice firm
chair with armrests
with balance and goodness port let’s go
ahead and start warming up all right
we’re going to reach up to the sky
breathing in and breathing out breathing
in and out
two more really fill those lungs up and
out next we’re going to do some trunk
twisting bring our arms up and we’re
going to go side to side feel free to
look over your shoulders slightly cut
either makes you go a little bit further
one more
and forward
alright next we’re going to get the leg
a little bit of a toss to wake them up
this morning okay feel free to use your
hands to help a little bit make some
very good
all right next exercise we’re going to
warm up with the ankle circles we hold
our heels
or you can make some simultaneous
circles ankles
and then reverse
very good
throughout these exercises do make sure
that you’re studying our
that’s college degrees if you want to
make sure that we’re not sitting in
what’s called posterior pelvic tilt we
want to sit nice and upright okay first
exercise we’re going to do is called
lean backs were to cross our arms over
our chest keeping our spine nice and
straight we’re going to go back a few
inches and then come forward again
and three
very good next exercise is called
lateral reaches with this exercise we’re
going to either out stretch our arms
elbows or you can actually reach with
the tips of your shoulders
which cover fits you best and arms up to
the side we’re going to go side to side
here we go let’s go to your right
right right very good
ready keep your tummy tucked in nice and
side to side
looking great one more time
and middle very good
next exercise similar to the first one
we’re going to cross our arms over this
one I call for corner keeping your spine
nice and straight we’re going to go to
the front to the right
back and forward back that’s it
again keep your spine nice and straight
as you can each corner
looking good feeling strong
if you’ve been in my exercise class
before you know that I’m not very fun
accounting so we’ll just do a few more
here pausing at each point which is just
one second
tell me talk to nice and tight let’s do
one more and such a very good bag all
right our next exercise I’m going to
scoot back slightly in the chair we’re
gonna do a rowing motion with our arms
and our tongue let’s grab a hold of the
and then we’re going to pull back
squeezing the shoulder blades back
behind you
very good coming back to the center our
next exercise is rotation we’re going to
do this two different ways the first way
we’re going to trust arms over like so
keeping the spine straight we’re going
to turn our shoulder in our head over
one side and fold it
and switched to the other side too
very good our next set of rotations
we’re going to actually reach and grab
something as if it were in the backseat
of the car and we’ll do that to both
sides okay going to your right side
first we’re going to twist and grab and
come to Center
left and right left and right
and right make sure you’re turning your
head to look at your hand that will only
increase your rotation
you can find nice and straight one more
to each side
very good all right
our next exercise is called avatar so
our pelvis is actually shaped like a
bowl tip it’s many different directions
okay and with this exercise we’re going
to keep the top part of our spine nice
and straight with most of the motion
happening at the pelvis I’m going to
have my hands on my hips here to there
on my pelvis today but feel free to keep
your hands either on your thighs or on
top of your life I’m going to do this
for demonstration purposes so we’re
going to think of us going 12 o’clock
and sign again my spine is staying
straight on top and the motion is
happening mostly from my pelvis
second hole it eats burgers
very good forward side back and side
back inside
looking great
let’s eat two more
last one
notice there’s time that my legs kind of
fly up in here and that’s perfectly
normal when you do abdominal exercise
present the credits come up a little bit
from time to time our next exercise I’m
going to turn my chair to the side
slightly so you can see better we’re
going to use that idea of poster pelvic
building and anterior pelvic tilt okay
we’ll start by just doing this without
the arms just a few times and now we’re
going to add the arms so we’re going to
kind of go down and back and reach up
and forward and as you tilt your pelvis
forward two three
turn my chair corneum
our next exercise we’re going to do is
called fast punches so keep your arms by
our side
and keep your stomach nice and tight
we’re going to do fast punches right in
front of your body the goal on this one
is to keep yourself as still as possible
without wiggling too much and break
notice this one will probably get your
heart rate up pretty fast so we’re going
to take some pauses and take some nice
deep breaths in between all right
getting those hands running again here
we go and start that’s it nice and fast
and break take something rough
hey let’s do that one more time arms
ready here we go and nice and quick
and fought very good alright
our next exercise we’re going to do is a lean
back again this time we’re going to
change it slightly to get some of the
Oakland muscles so we’re going to a
slight rotation arms across the chest
again go ahead and rotate over your
right shoulder we’re going to lean back
for the right back part of the chair and
then coming back forward again so we’re
going to stay slightly rotated
two three
for keep that tummy tucked in nice and
alright rotate to the other side left
shoulder back for that brass to run
there’s my legs are really flying up on
this one – this one partner
very good alright I think we have two
more in our Center the next one we’re
going to do are some diagonals start
hands left high again we want to keep
our spine nice and straight
no posterior tilt okay so our hands
together we’re going to start with our
hand up to go left up to the right two
four five six seven eight nine
good right opposite side I’m trying to
stay mirror to you so it’s actually
going to be up to your left and down to
your right okay here we go up and down
one two three four
five seven
eight nine and ten
great the last one we’re going to do is
flirt to demonstrate I’m going to try to
give the bestest
with this exercise we’re practicing
pulling our navel in three times we’re
folding once twice a third time and fold
it while we continue to breathe
we’re using our laurels you still want
to breathe breathe their diaphragm in
our lungs so we’re going to breathe in
right we’re going to pull it once
twice a third time
and hold it you breathe in
okay so one pulled in 2/3 times pull it
in Holden keep breathing
and relax again one
then twice third time hold it
further sorry hold it
one more here we go and one two
sorry hold it nice and tight keep
very good that was our four steps we’re
gonna go ahead and cool
again we should be very similar between
the videos you can know the better the
first stretch we’re going to do is no
reason girls sing more we wanted to
stretch out our side here so I can have
to lean on your right leg left arm up
and over to feel that pull on your side
try to make yourself as long as possible
on that side
every switch left arm on the opposite
leg right arm up and over till you feel
that nice
legs forward again on this one we’re
going to use the chair to help us do a
trunk rotation stretch okay so with one
hand on your leg one hand on the chair
we’re going to give a little bit of a
push and look over your shoulder until
you feel really nice cool
ever and switch sides other hand on this
place one hand on this hair and look
over that shoulder back to the front
that’s what we’re going to do for the
legs we’re going to extend the left leg
out in front of you weight on your heel
we’re going to sit tall we need for
electricians right here until you feel
that hold on the back of your leg
we’re going to switch send your right
leg out in front of you weight on the
heel sitting tall we forward so you feel
doubtful make sure you keep it in level
with the ground
to the starting position again seven
five three brothers
read reach up toward the ceiling
breathing in and breathing out
and I
thank you have a great day please be
sure to subscribe to my channel
come follow our community on Facebook at
cheer fit with Nancy please try out
fitness pal as an app to help you follow
your nutrition guidelines and please
come back and join me again for more fun
thank you

There are many more to come.  Thank you so much for visiting!!

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