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Savvy Infusion Water Bottle Review

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle Review

Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle – 24 Oz – Create Your Own Naturally Flavored Fruit Infused Water, Juice, Iced Tea, Lemonade & Sparkling Beverages.

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Infuser Water Bottle by Savvy Infusion – Premium 24 Ounce Leak Proof Fruit Infuser.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle Review
Water is the single most important beverage that you can drink. It has tons of health benefits such as getting rid of toxins in your body.

Plus it will also help your body stay hydrated and promotes heart health.

By drinking more water you’ll improve your health and the Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle, 24 Oz Create Your Own Naturally Flavored Fruit Infused Water will help you accomplish this.

The bottle allows you to add your own fruit, herbs and even fresh spices for even more benefits. By adding fruits you’ll add tons of flavors in each bottle.

This is a 24 ounce water bottle that fits nicely in most car cup holders.

If you forget to take your water out during one of your children’s activities you won’t come back to it being warm either. The water bottle is insulated to keep it nice and cold.

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You can put the bottle in the dishwasher – so it is easy to clean.

Drinking water can get boring to the taste buds. With the infused water bottle you’ll be able to add different flavors every time you add more water to the bottle. If you want to; however, the fruits you use will last for a few water fill ups.

It is very easy to use. Cut up the fruits or herbs and insert them into the infuser bottle. Put in bottle and fill up with water. Shake if desired and then drink.

The options are almost limitless of what you can add to make this water taste good. They include lemon, cinnamon sticks, berries, mint, cucumbers, oranges, apples, kiwi, mango, strawberries and lime.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to different foods to try.

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The Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle, 24 Oz Create Your Own Naturally Flavored Fruit Infused Water also comes with a starter recipe book to help you figure out what to put in it.

The water bottle is made of Tritan plastic.

This is virtually a shatterproof bottle that looks like glass. If your children get a hold of it and accidentally drop it – or chuck it across the room – you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

Even a busy mom can use and benefit from such a simple item as the Savvy Infusion® Water Bottle.

The ease of use will not feel like it is a chore to be healthy and can easily be used during another activity – like making dinner.

Chop up what you need for the next day while you are chopping vegetables for dinner. Then simple take them out and use them as needed.

We give it 4.5 out of 5.0


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