Perform Weight Training to Enjoy Better Health and Improve the Look of Your Body

Perform Weight Training to Enjoy Better Health and Improve the Look of Your Body

Upgrade your workouts, burn fat building lean muscle mass and empower yourself  pumping iron.

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Unfortunately, some women may consider muscle building or strength training to be an activity exclusively meant for men, however nothing can be further from the truth.

Perform Weight Training to Enjoy Better Health and Improve the Look of Your BodyIt’s a sad fact that the National Center for Health Statistics reports that only 21% of ladies hit the iron section of the gym and strength train two or more times a week.

Women who perform weight training enjoy better health and often improve the look of their body.

One of its best benefits is that the more lean muscle mass your body has, the more fat it burns naturally, even when the body is at rest because it is muscle that burns fat!

Moreover, weight training improves aging, and allows you to remain strong and physically competent as the consequences of time come knocking.

Besides, ladies, nothing looks more cool or hot than slapping on the weight gloves and pumping iron, it makes you feel strong, capable, and empowered!

It is important to note that weight training comes in many levels, and the lifting done for general health is completely different from the type that women bodybuilders perform.

In fact, it would take quite a bit of very deliberate effort and specific technique to get as big as those women who choose to become bodybuilders do.

The type of weight training that targets general health is for any woman who wants to build lean muscle mass, and reap the numerous health benefits that it offers at any age.

30-Minute Strength Training for Women | Home Workout for All Levels

This simple, strength-building workout uses basic exercises to focus building lean muscle in target areas like the legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders and core.

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What Is Weight Training And Its Goals

Perform Weight Training to Enjoy Better Health and Improve the Look of Your BodyWeight training is any strength training exercises where weights are used for resistance. Weight training stresses or shocks muscles, and this causes them to grow and get stronger by adapting to the environment created during lifting.

The truth is that muscle is either growing, shrinking or staying the same. Weight training strengthens muscles much in the same way that running, cycling, or any cardio strengthens the heart.

When you lift weights, you not only build lean muscle mass, you improve your physical strength as well.

Weight training uses the force of gravity by way of free weights, such as dumbbells or barbells to create an opposition in force generated by muscle, through either concentric or eccentric contraction.

Besides, free weights, muscle building can be accomplished with weight machines found at the gym or home gyms, resistance bands and even by using your own body for resistance, such as the case in bodyweight exercise moves.

Weight Training Versus Other Types Of Exercise

There are many types of different exercise, including:
• Endurance/aerobic training
• Cardio such as walking, jogging, elliptical or cycling
• Anaerobic training such as HIIT and Tabata
• Flexibility exercises such as yoga and pilates
• Balance training
• Strength training – Strength training is an inclusive term used to describe any exercise move that’s goal is to increase physical strength. Weight training is one such example that uses weight for resistance.

While weight training has become synonymous with strength training, it is actually a more specific type of exercise within the inclusive category that offers many real and significant benefits for women of all ages.

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