Squat Variations: MY GYM WORKOUT ROUTINE! Get FIT with me!

Squat Variations: MY GYM WORKOUT ROUTINE! Get FIT with me!

My workout consists of a bunch of squat variations and a few ab and butt moves.

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And I’m back with another fitness video!!

You guys love them so I love making them!

Here is my extreme gym workout routine.

I’m pretty new to these machines so let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.

Strong is SEXYYY

Get FIT with me video transcript

hey guys are feeling sunny and take
maybe sharing with you guys my workout
routine if you like fitness and health
related videos and make sure you click
Subscribe down there because I upload
this pretty frequently however this
workout machine is going to be extreme
gym edition I say extreme because after
I do this workout I usually can’t walk
around two days and in the video I’m
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and if you’re an international customer
is only 15 miles subsided so when I’m at
the gym for cardio I always do the
Stairmaster which absolutely kills me
but I like it because it’s both a cardio
workout and it’s also muscle
strengthening for your glutes and your
quads and I usually do this for around
20 minutes and what I’ll do is start off
in a low level and I’ll start going
higher at some point in the middle I’ll
start skipping steps so I’ll go two
steps at a time sometimes I incorporate
leg lifts but by the end of the 20
minutes I’m usually sweating as if I
jumped into a pool and that’s the
perfect time to take the snapchat after
I’m done with cardio I move on to muscle
training so the first thing I do or
squats and here I’m holding a 30 pound
weight and I do 25 reps for 4 sets so
that’s 100 squats in total and the
things you need to focus on are keeping
your knees behind your toes
squeezing when you get to the top and
also the slower you go the more you feel
it and the more they work moving on I do
these leg lifts side to side with ankle
weight and I do 25 reps of 3 sets for
each leg
with this exercise I focus on squeezing
my glutes and pulling my leg up as high
as I can this is one of my favorite
exercises but it’s also the hardest so I
jump up onto this thing for as long as I
can until my legs give up and I also
have ankle weights on while I’m doing
this and then once I get to the top I
kind of like squat down and then I’ll
just come back down this I’m pretty new
to since I’m doing anything wrong please
let me know in the comment but I tie it
to my leg and this is the cable machine
I believe and I just pull my leg up
basically as if you were doing like a
leg lift except you have more weight
attached to your ankles I’m also pretty
new to the TRX but it’s basically like
doing crunches but reverse and it kills
your add I like to do ropes in between
as a power move to get my heartbeat
going up again and this kills your arms
and it’s so much harder than it looks
you can probably tell the squats are my
favourite workout so I like to do them
in different variations here I’m on a
balance board and this is also good for
your abs and also really good for your
balance and it’s so hard and I like to
finish up my workout with a good old
floor workout so here I have a weight on
my stomach and I’m just doing bridge
raises and to wrap everything up I hold
it there for around 1 to 2 minutes I
hope you guys like this video if you did
and make sure you’re giving us thumbs up
and I’ll see you guys in my next video
ever there’s so much all the way to
Pluto I’m back

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