Mindvalley Talks: Drop These 7 Foods To Feel Better Fast with JJ Virgin

Mindvalley Talks: Drop These 7 Foods To Feel Better Fast with JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, JJ Virgin has cracked the diet code, learn how to reset, revitalize, and optimize your health in a matter of DAYS.

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Is your health holding you back? What’s the fastest, simplest path to optimal health? 

In this video, JJ Virgin explains how incredibly UN-normal everyday discomforts, such as bloating, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and muscle pain are, dissects why we have so long believed detrimental lies about our health, and explains how to turn around any of these symptoms in just DAYS.

Through a captivating, tear-jerking, and ultimately inspiring story of her (then) 16 year old son, JJ Virgin demonstrates the importance of being the CEO of your own health, and precisely how to do so.

She teaches about the all-too-common leaky gut syndrome and how to seal the gut up properly, once and for all, for optimal health. Food is the ultimate reset. When you start connecting the dots between what you eat and how you feel, you can begin to make small shifts in your lifestyle and finally feel like the superhuman you’ve always been.

In this video, JJ guides you through the simple diet shifts you can start making immediately — from intermittent fasting, to eating a whole food diet, to replacing unhealthy foods with viable alternatives.

Courtesy of Mindvalley

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