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Mindful Eating Diets Part One

Mindful Eating Diets Part One

Basic Principles of a Mindful Eating Diet

Mindful Eating Diets Part OneEvery season, men and women alike decide that they want to get in shape and change their ways for a more healthy lifestyle and more fit body. You may come across diets that involve rigorous structures and only allow certain foods, which can make it a bit daunting to start the diet in the first place.

One option to consider is a mindful eating diet – one that doesn’t specifically rule out any foods, making it an easier diet to follow if deprivation diets have let you down in the past.

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A mindful eating diet works off of the principle that you don’t have to stop eating the things you like in order to lose weight. Instead, the diet revolves around only eating when you really need to, as opposed to snacking constantly throughout the day or eating huge portions that go above and beyond what you really need.

While it’s very easy to snack on things like chips and candies throughout the day, it only adds empty calories and carbs. Typically, you would want to wait until you’re really hungry, and then eat a balanced and healthy meal.

You can also still eat unhealthy foods, like chips and candies, but just in smaller quantities. Instead of a whole bag of gummi candies, eat a single serving to go along with your meal.

If you’re still hungry and craving after that, you can always get more, but typically you won’t really be too hungry. Whenever you get the feeling that you might be hungry or even just want to eat, think about how hungry you really are at that moment.

Once you cross that line of needing some food, make the right choices and pick out your meal carefully. If you’re feeling like having some chips, check the serving size on the nutrition facts, and have just one or even one half of a serving.

By only eating when you’re really hungry, you cut back significantly on the amount of calories you take in, even if you’re eating unhealthy foods. This also means that you can spend more time doing things you enjoy, instead of just mindlessly eating.

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By eating mindfully, you’re more aware of how much food you’re eating and what that food is. While eating mindlessly, like snacking while watching a movie or a TV show, it’s very easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten.

There are some downsides to this diet, but there are way more positive aspects. For example, you may find it a bit more difficult eating in this new way, and have to teach yourself to not snack mindlessly.

However, the upside is that you can still have all of the foods that you like, just in more moderate quantities. Mindful eating has been proven to be an effective form of dieting, and is much better for beginners.

Since you don’t have to completely cut out any foods, you’re less likely to trail off from the diet due to cravings. There are no good foods or bad foods, and when you realize that nothing is off-limits, you aren’t as panicked wanting to binge on unhealthy foods – so it paves the way for better food choices.

Who a Mindful Eating Diet Works Best For

Mindful eating diets work really well for beginners or those who always fail to adhere to a deprivation or restrictive diet, because you don’t have to cut out food choices in your usual diet like you would with other stricter diets.

Mindful Eating Diets Part OneThe hardest part of it is reversing the old habits you may have built up when it comes to mindlessly eating. You’ll have to actively think every time you eat and make sure you’re genuinely hungry, and if you’re not, make the decision to not eat until you are.

If you have a fair bit of time on your hands, then the mindful eating diet can work better for you. You have to forget about rushing through a meal and eat slower so that you can check your hunger cues.

You’ll be able to take time to prepare your meal when you’re hungry, and be able to wait and see if you’re still hungry after you eat. It’s recommended that you wait about 20 minutes after eating to see if you’re still hungry, because your body takes that much time to digest the food.

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Mindful eating diets will allow you to get more acquainted with healthier foods, acting as a bit of a gateway into dieting. You’ll end up eating more healthy, low calorie food naturally because you’re still getting all the other foods you want that you previously considered a guilty indulgence – only in much smaller portions.

Fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein will help satisfy your hunger faster, allowing you to consume smaller portions. Mindful eating diets may not work as well with people who are very athletic, because they may need to eat even when they’re not hungry to fit in caloric and macromolecule goals.

People who don’t have a lot of time and have to eat a lot on the go may get frustrated with this diet as well, since they won’t be able to sit down and think about how hungry they are and if they really need to eat at that moment.

The mindful eating diet involves a lot of patience, so if you’re impatient, it might be worth checking out a different diet. If you’re very observant and patient and willing to take the time to understand your hunger cues, then this diet is definitely for you.

It takes willpower to be able to realize that you’re not hungry and then not eat until you really are. You’ll have to be able to say no to yourself when you want to snack or eat mindlessly, which isn’t an easy task.

Nonetheless, it’s entirely possible to do it successfully, so don’t get deterred. It will take some practicing, and you may slip once or twice, but once you get used to this diet, it will just come naturally.

In Part Two We’ll Discuss How to Get Prepared for a Mindful Eating Diet

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