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Your Mind Is The Most Important Thing In Training!

Your Mind Is The Most Important Thing In Training!

When it comes to high intensity training it’s safe to say – with no mind there’s no muscle!

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The most important thing in HIIT is your mind bar none. How best to keep your wits about you and engaged in building the body of your dreams? Read on and find out the top methods I’ve learned the hard way. Don’t be scared to take some notes and bring them with you to your training sessions, they can make all the difference in the world!

Clarify Your Motivation. Ask yourself and become completely clear on why you are training. The driving force that’s going to carry you to the gym when all else fails. This is similar to goal setting in a way, which we’ll also in a coming chapter, but much more broad and general.

Once you are clear on your motivation take a few minutes to affirm it every day out loud. You can phrase it something like this: “I’m training to get in the best shape of my life, to be stronger and more attractive.” Don’t just copy this – your motivation is your own, not mine or anyone else’s.

Make a Training Plan and Stick to It.

Human beings despite what your local anarchist may preach instinctively love order. Writing down a training plan and following it is an absolute must for HIIT.

The more detailed the better. If you’ve ever seen one of Mentzer’s training journals they could double as a book. This keeps your conscious and subconscious mind engaged in your training and paves the way to success.

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Become Accountable. Do you know why more people who work out with personal trainers meet their goals than those without? Not because, in most cases, their trainers have any special knowledge or secrets to share.

It’s because these people have made themselves accountable to someone to train hard and achieve their goals. This doesn’t mean you need to hire a trainer, but it does mean you should grab two people and let them know your training goals and ask them to help keep you accountable towards them.

“Pick friends or family that will take this responsibility as seriously as you do your training!

Use Positive Self Talk in the Gym.

Do everything you can to silence internal negative dialogue in the gym. The best way sports psychologists have found to do this is through positive self talk while working out. The more martial, aggressive and over the top the better. Think the classic movie Brave Heart my friend. HIIT is heroic so think and speak like a hero!

Model HIIT Body Builders who Made It. Read and study high intensity trainers who have developed the type of physique you are aspiring towards. They did it and you can too. The more you read about them the more you will be enlisting your subconscious mind onto your side in your gym wars. This really works so please don’t neglect it.

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Enjoy Your Training.

Yes our training is intense, but it’s also meant to be fun. Do your best to enjoy the gym and not dread it. This will go a very long way towards your building a huge, mighty new self. Loving challenges, and HIIT are certainly challenging, it is a trait that will even help you succeed in all other areas of your life once you develop it. How cool is that?

Do you get the idea? Your mind is your most important body part to train! It’s also the only body part you should be training seven days a week. Don’t neglect it and it won’t neglect you.



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