Men How You Can Burn More Fat

Men How You Can Burn More Fat

Guys are you concerned with excess fat on your body?

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Perhaps you feel that you have a healthy diet and are exercising regularly, but can’t seem to get rid of those last few pounds.

The following information is going to help you burn unwanted fat and keep it off for good.

Combine Weights with Cardio

Men How You Can Burn More FatIf you want to burn more fat, you don’t want to do just cardio or just weight training.

You really need to focus on the combination of the two types of workouts for the best results.

Burning fat starts with cardio to actually burn the extra fat and calories, but you also need to build muscle to help with  burning fat as well.

Try to create a realistic schedule for yourself where you weight train a few days a week, and add 2-3 days of cardio.

Cardio might be walking or running, hiking, using an elliptical or bike at the gym, or even dancing if that is something you like to do.
Men How You Can Burn More Fat

Add in HIIT Workouts

As far as your cardio workouts go, it doesn’t get much better than HIIT.

These are high-intensity interval training workouts, where you do short bursts of high-intensity moves.

You can burn more fat and calories in a shorter period of time, leaving plenty of time for other workouts.

Increase Your Fat

Men How You Can Burn More FatThis often seems counter-intuitive, but you need fat to burn fat. The trick here is balance and not eating the bad type of fats.

Real butter, olive oil and coconut oil, eggs, meat, and cheese are all considered good fats.

Add more of these to your diet while reducing your carbs and processed foods.

Stay far away from light margarine – that little drop in calories is not going to help you burn fat.

Instead, stick with the grass-fed butter and add in other healthy fats like healthy oils and omega-3 fatty foods like salmon and nuts.

Stop Worrying About the Scale

Men How You Can Burn More FatYour mindset can also make a difference in the long run, if you find that stress about your goals and progress tend to lead to not working out for a while or getting caught in a cycle of binge eating.

If this sounds like you, just do what you need to reach your goals, but ditch the scale.

Pounds are not always a good indication of burning fat, especially if you start to build muscle, which weighs more than that.

Instead of weighing yourself, check progress with before and after pictures, and measurements.


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