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An Introduction and Overview of Capoeira

An Introduction and Overview of Capoeira

The martial art of Capoeira was originally created over 400 years ago in Brazil by the African slaves.

An Introduction and Overview of CapoeiraThis martial art is unlike any of the other martial arts there anywhere in the world, and possesses a blend of power, beauty, mental balance, physical power, music, and an overwhelming sense of art and finesse.

Upon it’s creation, Capoeira proved to the world that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of size, weight, or age. The style is more than a martial art, but also a social event that is rich in tradition and history.

Capoeira is a truly powerful martial art, resembling a collaboration of music, dance, and exotic movements – and even a game.

Over the last couple of decades, the art has grown a lot. In 1974, the art of Capoeira became the national sport of Brazil, proving that just about everyone in Brazil had accepted it.

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An Overview of Capoeira

As you begin looking at different workout options for you and your lifestyle, you will likely see some options you have never heard of. One of those options is capoeira. Capoeira is a form of martial arts that is a hybrid of different techniques.

In addition to having several techniques making up the whole of capoeira, there are also some tips and techniques to making this specific form of martial arts work for you. Here is an overview of capoeira and what you should know as it relates to your fitness goals.

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Length of the Workout

One of the things to consider about the capoeira workout is the length of the average workout. Most workouts last around or less than an hour. This makes them ideal if you need a solid workout that can be done during a normal hour lunch break.

This is also ideal if you have limited time to workout in the morning or evening due to other scheduling restraints or issues. These workouts may change slightly depending on the level of the workout and if they are intro classes that may take more time so you can learn how do the different moves and steps.

Three Levels

There tend to be three levels of capoeira that you will see. So, if you go the gym and see a sign-up for the class, you should be aware of these options so you know what you are getting into.

* The first is the Au Normal. This is your average capoeira class and good for beginners or people who have taken intro courses but have not started a capoeira routine.

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* The second level is The Martello. This option focuses more on the martial arts roots of the fitness routine which can be a bit more intense.

* The third level of capoeira is the Roda and Cool down. Now, this level is done with most capoeira fitness workouts. This is usually done in a challenge sort of manner that ends up with two people in the class facing off. A 10-minute cool down follows.

Home Options

Something to keep in mind is that you can do home options of the capoeira workout. This can be vital if you have limited time, or you don’t want to go out and find a gym or class. You can find various capoeira workouts in DVD format and choose one or several that work for you.

This will give you the same options you will have in class, just on a more budget friendly option.

These are just a few of the key points you should know about capoeira. Once you have started to delve into the martial arts practice, you can see how it would work for you and what methods may be best for your goals.

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