I’M GOING TO MAKE IT – Motivational Workout Speech

I’M GOING TO MAKE IT – Motivational Workout Speech

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Motivational Workout Speech Video Transcript

you find your passion not from what you
do but why you do what you do your
motivation isn’t gonna come from what
you do your motivation will come from
why you must do what you do it’s great
to have goals it’s important to have
goals you want to succeed at any level
it is essential you set goals but why is
it some achieve their goals no matter
how big but some never achieve their
goals no matter how small tell me why is
it that some dive deep and first into
chasing their goals but others seem to
be stuck always procrastinate never
taken action towards their goals those
who achieve their goals have a powerful
reason why they must achieve their goal
those that fail don’t
they don’t have a powerful reason and
when you don’t have a reason why you
must do something you aren’t really
likely to follow through are you because
there are no real consequences to
failure it’s okay to go back to average
what is your reason why is that a must
what are the consequences if you do not
follow through with this
what is your life going to look like if
you fail what will it look like when you
succeed and that vision in your mind you
after you have achieved this goal what
will it change in your life how will it
improve your character your
relationships your finances your life
your reason might be linked to a
negative or positive outcome if I do
this how will enhance my life what will
improve who will it help or if I don’t
do this what will it cost me
how will I suffer who else will suffer
if I don’t follow through your wife must
be something that makes you move it is
the most powerful reason in your life
why must you succeed
why must you change what must you take
action right now is it for your family
is it for their future is it to inspire
someone you love so they will be lifted
by Oh at them what is your why if you
make excuses or procrastinate against
doing something it can only mean your
reason for doing it is the powerful all
meaningful enough
if you like with them you want to
procrastinate you will just do whatever
it takes to make it so find your real
reason why you want this so bad why do
you want this go
why must you have it if you find it
write it down and read it every day this
is your fuel the fuel that will drive
the success train right to your dream
life most people are chasing the money
but the money will always run faster you
go and chase your walk you live your
walk and let the money chase you the
only way you can be great is to live
your purpose the only way to live your
purpose is to find your reason why
that’s all you need to achieve anything
in life a powerful reason what is it for
you if your reason is powerful enough
you won’t need any extra motivation your
reason is motivation
think about it right now why is it
important you succeed what motivation
will get you go your goals who keep you
go your purpose will drive you home if
your why does it make you cry then that
is not your why
when you feel like quitting think about
why you started what was the reason what
are you doing it all for finding your
reason why is essential if you want to
achieve success if you don’t have a
strong reason behind your actions your
actions are less likely to create
quality results if you do have a strong
why you have all the fuel you need to
drive you forward to success what’s your
why what do I need to do to get to where
I must get to
what must I do today to become the
person I must be tomorrow who do I need
to become to get to where I must get to
what do I need to do to become who I
must become one of the most powerful
questions you can ask yourself every day
every single time you need to make a
decision what do I want to be proud of
tomorrow who do I want to be tomorrow
the guy that quit but the guy that kept
going the guy that took the easy option
or the guy that went all-in the guy that
gave into temptation but the guy that
showed discipline discipline because the
hard work I put in today will be worth
it tomorrow the discipline I show today
will be worth it for many tomorrow’s the
strong choices I make today will make me
proud for many tomorrow’s
must you do today to achieve what you
must achieve in your future what do you
need to do to get to where you must get
to what do you need to learn what do you
have to become to get the results you
must have what you need to master what
new skills must you obtain you will
never get to the next level without
mastering the skills that the next level
requires you will not reach any great
heights without becoming the person that
is capable of reaching those great
the easy option it’s easy to rationalize
if no one around you is living at a high
level no one around you is achieving at
the highest level if I seem ok to take
it easy
easy to get in the big average miserable
what’s not easy is putting in the work
when you don’t feel like what’s not easy
is continuing to raise the bar when
everyone around you remains the same
when that little voice inside you is
saying don’t be too great too ambitious
you won’t fit in
what’s not easy is having massive dreams
and lurking fucker
because most people don’t and most
people won’t what’s not easy is that
your goals so high you actually think
you’re in
you will not get to the top of the
mountain by taking the easy road
all uphill it’s a challenge a challenge
that will build strength pride courage a
journey that will build character built
of stronger human beings you will never
reach any greater heights but remaining
the same
you must rise up man be willing to put
in the work required to reach that level
be willing to do whatever it takes to
become that person that person you know
is inside what do you want to be
remembered for who do you want to be
tomorrow who do you want to be in one
five years ten years who do you want to
be hanging around who watch you become
in order to be hanging around
everyone is looking for the magic walk
the elevator to success there is no
elevator you must take the stairs
you must take one step at a time because
each step you take is a new skill each
step you take is a new string new muscle
each step you take is leading you to a
better place
if you are given all the results you
want right now without working forward
you will not be fulfilled because you
didn’t earn it you must earn the success
you seek if you want to fill the bottle
victory you want to feel what it feels
like to be a champion earnings become
the person that is willing to earn it
are you prepared to put in the work to
become that person are you prepared to
invest everything you have and even
become that person
are you prepared to suffer now so you
can get to that place in the future
if you’re going to get to the top of
your own mountain peak you have to bust
through the pain you can’t fly up there
you got a trick there you gotta go
through the pain the struggle you’ll
feel like quitting most people quit but
you must do this you must do it for you
keep pushing tall and being you will
have something most people will never
have tried from not only knowing that
you went out to your dream but you
persevered you show character you show
courage and that sets you apart from the
that’s what it’s all about it’s never
about the prize it’s not the money it’s
the pride the pride in knowing you gave
every ounce of your soul the pride in
knowing you made you the pride in
knowing you made you great that’s what
it’s all about

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