How to Sleep Better (Insomnia and Men) Every Night

How to Sleep Better (Insomnia and Men) Every Night

Men in particular have issues with insomnia, but are often overlooked with this type of health condition.

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Insomnia, including the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep, is something that affects everyone.

Here are some things to know about insomnia and what can be done about it.

Signs You Have Insomnia

How to Sleep Better (Insomnia and Men) Every NightInsomnia is one of those conditions that many people, men included, don’t think they suffer from.

Perhaps you think because you fall asleep relatively fast, you’re fine, even though you don’t sleep through the night.

However, keep in mind insomnia is not just about falling asleep or even staying asleep, but the quality of sleep you have.

If you wake up often, always wake up feeling like you are exhausted, or get tired in the middle of the day, you might not be getting good sleep at night.

Finding the Cause of Your Insomnia

Once you have settled on the fact that you have insomnia, it is time to figure out why. Treating this type of condition is usually about treating the root cause of it.

It can be a long list of things, so you will need to narrow down the list based on things you are experiencing.

“Insomnia can be caused by mental health, such as depression or stress.

It might be more physical where you have too much alcohol or caffeine in the evening, or you are not getting enough exercise. Even things like your sleeping environment can make a large impact.

Make a note of anything you feel is interrupting your sleep so you can work on remedying the situation.

Start a New Sleeping Routine

How to Sleep Better (Insomnia and Men) Every NightIt may come down to switching up your nightly routine if you are struggling with sleep.

To start with, have a good hour or so before you get into bed where you start relaxing for the night.

This might include watching TV with your significant other, doing yoga in the evening, or having a cup of decaf coffee while you participate in a relaxing activity with the family.

If you like showering at night, that can also be part of your nighttime ritual, since the hot water can be soothing.

In your bedroom, try to keep devices and electronics turned off, and don’t put your phone right next to you.

You want to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

If you still struggle with sleeping, you may want to explore other methods, such as supplements or herbs that help encourage tiredness, or speak to your doctor about other causes for your insomnia.


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