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How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers Body

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers Body

Guys How to Develop a Male Swimmer’s Body

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers Body
Fitness models guys with physiques of the mythical Greek gods

Both men and women admire the well proportioned male competitive swimmer’s physiques. The physiques of these athletes are regarded by some as the epitome of the perfect male body.

They are strong looking but not too muscular like bodybuilders, lithe and supple, almost like those of the mythical Greek gods.

How these swimmers developed such magnificent physiques? Is it by swimming regularly?

Well, the answer is not exactly that. Although swimming is an excellent exercise, this is not how male swimmers developed their body shape.

If you are surprised, you are not alone.

You see, you have only watched swimmers compete and practice in the swimming pools, but you have never or rarely seen them going to the gym to condition and strengthen themselves and that is where their fabulous bodies and muscles are mostly developed.

So if you want to develop a competitive male swimmer’s physique, you can be sure that swimming everyday will not get you there if you are not going to lift weights and eat right!

Ah, now that I have gotten that out of my chest, we will then proceed to see what swimmers do to get their body in such a beautiful state.

Firstly, if you have excessive body fat, the first thing to do is to lose it.

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyIf your body fat is covering up your muscles, how can you then be able to reveal that well toned body of a swimmer?

So strive to get your body fat ratio down to 12% or below. It is only through low body fat ratio of 12% and below that your six pack abdominal muscles can show up.

Furthermore, as one of the more noticeable features of a swimmer’s body is his slim waist line and broad back, then this will be more reason for you to lose fat in your mid-section to get rid of your love handles.

Next, although swimming is a great cardiovascular workout, swimmers do include other cardio workouts in their routine to improve their endurance, stamina and to burn more fat.

This is the reason why they look so fit, flexible and supple.

Of course when it comes to losing fat, you must also watch what you eat.

So consume less calories from fat and refined carbs and increase your protein intake to build muscles. Add more fibers to your diet for better digestion and detoxification. In this way, you will not put on extra pounds of fat, but solid muscles instead.

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyHowever, your muscles cannot develop properly if you do not train with weights. In fact, your weight training must incorporate specific swimmer’s functional exercises to get the swimmer’s body shape.

That means not just any exercise or workout will do, but exercises that develop the muscles that make up a competitive swimmer’s physique.

So choose exercises that work out your back and shoulders to have the V shape upper body, exercises that work out your chest to get the Adonis upper body and your core muscles to get the six pack abs.

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Do not neglect your lower body, or else you will look unbalanced and awkward when you are in your swimming trunk!

Oh, before I forget, you may swim as often as you like or not at all and yet be able to build a swimmer’s physique. Get the drift?

Getting That Male Model Body Through Exercise And Diet

Most of the time men would like to be attractive to women. Though, it is likely to be quite challenging for you to get that 6 pack to appear if you ever want to appear like those fitness model guys on the magazine covers, or really get that ideal model look.

All you need to do is to follow a male model body workout and diet program, and you are all set. Here are some tips that you may want to use.

To reach that ideal 10% mark of body fat required you will have to have a daily workout routine. From here you will have the ability to develop those six pack muscles and have them become great looking abs.

“Discipline is important to obtain such an achievement.

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyDoing fat burning exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) 30 minutes on a regular basis is adequate enough to build those abs.

Take into account that what you need here is a full body workout which needs to be done at least three times a week for the best results.

Also keep in mind to allot some time to rest maybe not more than 60 seconds rest will do.

Additionally, you will need to perform stretches beforehand so you will not get injured while performing hard exercises.

Now, many of us find changing our eating habits and not eating what we want – mostly junk food as a very challenging task. Just remember that you are what you eat and this is the way you will end up looking on the outside.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to take away fast food completely, you can still treat yourself to these kinds of junk foods occasionally.

What you have to remember is to eat on gradual basis like for instance five meals a day but in small proportions. This will help boost your metabolism and not slow it down.

You will have to have enough discipline when it comes to eating and working out on a regular basis if you actually want to have that ideal model body shape.

What is very important is that you follow your diet and workout plan on a regular basis and you will surely manage to achieve getting that lean fitness model swimmers body.

High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) – Secret Weapon For Ripped Abs

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyThere is a way of getting ripped to the bone. It doesn’t require ANY special equipment, although a stop watch is nice. It doesn’t require you to attach electrical devices to your abdominal area..

It doesn’t even require you to step into a gym, although, you will look better, and do this faster if you do. Most of all, it doesn’t require you to buy anything from me!

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I’m just going to share this with you.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective weapon available for your fat burning arsenal.

When done correctly, HIIT will trim your mid section and rip your abs faster than any abdominal machine on the market today, any diet pill, or any other dietary supplement.

What do I mean by “done correctly?”

There are four elements to the proper execution of an HIIT workout:

  1.  What HIIT is
  2.  Intensity Rating
  3.  Duration
  4.  Frequency

“Six Pack Abs are seen as the ultimate symbol of fitness.

Your abs start to show when you’ve lost enough body fat for the separations to show through. For a man, that’s about 10% body fat, for a female, it’s about 15%.

At these percentages, you should be able to see your FLEXED abs under the fat. Everyone’s different, so if you’re at 10% and they’re not showing, don’t worry.

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyAbdominal exercises, such as crunches, don’t burn a lot of calories, so they’re not much help in getting rid of the fat that’s hiding those illusive muscles of the mid section.

Enter our secret weapon. — HIIT is a very simple exercise routine to follow. You jog at a very slow and comfortable pace for an interval, then run all out, as hard as you can possibly push for an interval.

Use the following example:

0:00-2:00 minutes: Easy jog
2:00-2:30 RUN HARD!
2:30-4:30inutes: Easy jog
4:30-5:00 RUN HARD!
5:00-7:00 minutes: Easy jog
7:00-7:30 RUN HARD!
7:30-8:00 minutes: Easy jog
8:00-8:30 RUN HARD!
8:30-9:00 minutes: Easy jog
9:00-9:30 RUN HARD!

You continue the above pattern for 20 minutes.

I mentioned earlier that this workout is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

How to Get a Male Fitness Models Perfect Swimmers BodyIn fact, if you find it easy, you’re not doing it correctly. The high intensity portions of my HIIT sessions are intense enough o give me a metallic taste of ketones in my mouth.

I don’t recommend you use this as your measurement of intensity, but it shows how intense this can be. Your low intensity intervals will be easy enough to carry on a “breathy” conversation.

The high intensity portion are as high as you can possibly push, then add a notch! You need to push as hard as you would if you were running for your life.

In fact, if you do this workout with enough intensity, you will be completely wiped out after 20 minutes.

Your intensity will determine the duration of HIIT. The maximum time you should spend is 20 minutes. You should not be able to do any more than that.

If you can do longer than 20 minutes, you quite honestly did not push hard enough.

“At the end you should be absolutely spent.

These patterns of intensity and the duration cause your body to burn more calories for the next 24-48 hours.

That’s the beauty of HIIT. You may only burn 400 calories during the 20 minutes, but you’ll continue to burn at an increased rate for the next day or so.

Any high intensity workout requires a recovery period. You can repeat this workout three times per week. Anything more than that will cause you to become over-trained and stifle your fat loss.

If you do nothing more than HIIT, you will burn plenty of fat. It should, however, be integrated into a complete fitness program.



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