Thursday HIIT Workout Part 2

Thursday HIIT Workout Part 2

Yippee… It’s Thursday And Time For Part 2 Of Our HIIT Workout

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You’re well rested by now I hope so let’s get started shall we?

Yates Style Barbell or Machine Rows. Rows are to your back what presses are to your chest. We will be performing in the style of former Mr. Olympia and HIIT guru Dorian Yates.

Take a look at Dorian’s back he built doing this version of rows and any doubt you have about your hand position will vanish. How do we do Yates rows?

Simple. With your palms facing up – the opposite direction most people have their palms facing while doing this popular exercise. Dorian credits this variant for not only giving him perhaps the best back in body building history, but also for being his primary bicep mass builder. Do two full range of motion sets of six to eight heavy reps each.

“Don’t neglect your intensity!

Without rest move to…

Lat Pull Downs. Be sure the seat is set to the correct position for your height. Pull down to the top of your chest – NOT behind your neck. More injuries have occurred from behind the neck pull downs than any other exercise. Do two sets of six to eight reps.

Immediately perform…

Dead lifts. Keep your knees bent. If you have any history of lower back pain wear a weight lifting belt. Do two sets of eight to ten reps.

This is an exercise when done with focus will build full body power. If you aspire to be powerful don’t neglect your dead lifts!

Rest two to three minutes and move on to…

Machine or Barbell Shrugs. Use wrist wraps if you need them to shrug maximum weight. Full range of motion with a one second pause on top. Two sets of six to eight reps.

Nothing radiates HIIT like well developed traps which is what these will give you, fast!

Go right to…

Dumbbell Shoulder Press. Feel free to substitute machine shoulder presses if like many of us you have rotator cuff problems.

Stop when your elbows are in a straight line with your upper chest, falling below is inviting injury. One set of six to eight reps.

Rest two to three minutes. Move on to…

Thursday HIIT Workout Part 2Barbell Curls. Please don’t cheat by swinging your back – use a heavy weight, but one you are curling with your biceps NOT your entire body’s momentum!

Also be sure to use a full range of motion. This is a exercise where many men let ego rather than true strength dictate the weight they use. Don’t be one of them. Two sets of six to eight reps.

Rest one minute, then finish your work out with…

Crunches. Three sets to failure of lying floor crunches for your abdominals. Avoid ab machines which are generally pretty useless!

That’s it your HIIT workout week is done.

I’m dying to know how you feel after your first week of high intensity training insanity!


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