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Hailey Bieber Strengthens Her Core and Lower Half With This One 4-Part Exercise

Hailey Bieber Strengthens Her Core and Lower Half With This One 4-Part Exercise

This four-part compound movement works your legs, butt, core, and even gives you a good cardio workout. Here, trainers explain how to do it.

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As mentioned, this move offers tons of benefits, from lower-half strengthening and stability work, to core activation, single-leg balance, and low-impact cardio.

The reason this move offers so many benefits is because it’s essentially four different moves combined into one: a single-leg balance exercise, a single-leg deadlift, a forward lunge, and a stationary lunge with a weighted component.

“Every major muscle in your leg gets used when you put [these moves] together,” Maryam Zadeh, certified personal trainer and founder of Brooklyn-based HIIT BOX, tells SELF. Because of the complexity involved, it’s “above intermediate” level, she says.

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On the strengthening front, the major drivers are your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, Meyers tells SELF via email. “It challenges your balance as well, which forces you to activate (and will strengthen) your core,” he adds. On top of that, it’s good low-impact cardio. “It also gets your heart rate up, so it’s good for working up a sweat,” says Meyers.

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