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Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini Body

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini Body

Girls how to get a bikini body in time for summer beach

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini Body
Beach body fit bikini girl

When you are trying to get a bikini body and you want to burn that fat you have to set targets. One of the goals which you have to set is your ideal weight. But how does one determine their ideal bodyweight?

Right here I am going to present you with the fat burning secret which permits you to calculate your ideal bodyweight correctly.

Firstly you must ascertain what the ideal body fat percentage you are aiming for is.

There are various ranges for body fat percentages depending on whether you are male or female.

How to determine your ideal goal weight

I will use an example to figure out an ideal bodyweight. Say I am a girl and my goal is to have a lean (good) body fat rating. This implies my target body fat proportion should be between 10 and 14 percent.

I will choose a body fat percentage target in the middle of that range. My goal will be 12%.

To work out your perfect target weight you must know your current body fat percentage.

You can measure this utilizing a variety of techniques such as bio impedance scales, skin fold tests and even the manual navy method.

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyOnce I have measured my current bodyweight and my body fat percentage I have the following figures:

Current Weight: 154 pounds

Body Fat Percentage: 33% (Anything over 30% is quite poor for a lady)

  • This means that 33% of my total weight pure is fat.
  • So, 154 x 33% = 50.82. So 50.82 pounds of my total weight is pure fat.
  • The rest of my weight is Lean Body Mass. So 154 – 50.82 = 103.18.
  • This means my lean body mass is 103.18 pounds.
  • To know what my total weight will be when I achieve my target body fat percentage I will presume that I have the same lean body mass.
  • Having a body fat percentage of 12% means that the remaining 88% of my body is my lean body mass.

Working this out: Target Bodyweight x 88% = 103.18 (my current lean body mass)

  • Therefore my target bodyweight will be 103.18/88% = 117.25 pounds.
  • To achieve my goals my ideal body weight will be 117.25 pounds.
  • Of course, over time my goal weight will probably change.

While attempting to get a bikini body I could almost certainly put on some more lean mass and so you must readjust your goal weight every couple of weeks depending on what your current lean body mass is!

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In short the formula is:

  1. Current Fat Mass = Current Total Weight * Current Body Fat Percentage
  2. Current Lean Mass = Current Total Weight – Current Fat Mass
  3. Ideal Goal Weight = Current Lean Mass / (100% – Desired Body Fat Percentage)

10 days to get a sexy bikini body

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyNeed some help getting ready for your holiday?

Simple follow the advice in the 10-day workout program and you’ll be working towards a toned up body for strutting your stuff on the beach.

Days 1, 3, 5 and 8 – aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise such as running, swimming or power walking, raises the metabolism both during and after the activity, making it less likely that calories will be stored around the abdominal area, or anywhere else, as fat.

On days 1, 3, 5, 8, aim to walk, jog, cycle or do an exercise DVD for at least 20 minutes a day.

Try to work hard so that you are fairly breathless when you stop. And if you can do that every other day, even better.

Days 2, 6 and 9

Stomach – Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Press your lower back into the floor, tightening your stomach muscles as you put both hands behind your head (don’t pull on your head).

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyBring your right elbow over to your left knee, and then bring your left elbow over to your right knee, raising your feet slightly and moving your legs in a pedal motion.

Breathe normally and keep your knees bent.

Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

Butt – On your hands and knees, contract your abdominals to stabilize your torso, lift one leg up, keeping the knee bent at a 90′ angle, until the flat of the foot is parallel with the ceiling and the leg is lined up with the body.

Lower slightly and repeat 10-15 times.

Add an ankle weight to make the exercise more challenging and if you can balance, stretch out the opposite arm.

Days 4, 7 and 10

Arms – (A half press-up is effective)- Lean forwards on the floor, hands by your shoulders and knees bent. Press your palms into the floor, straightening your arms.

Keep your head, neck, back and hips in line as you lift your body off the floor.

When your arms are almost fully extended, hold. Now slowly lower, pushing up again before you reach the floor.

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Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyRepeat 10-20 times, adding repetitions as you get stronger.

Legs – Stand upright with your feet hip width apart. Keeping your hips forward and your stomach muscles tight, step forward with the right foot.

Drop your left knee towards the floor, bending both knees, keeping the front heel pressed down and the front knee directly over the center of the foot.

Push down and forward through your heel to bring your right leg back and return to the starting position.

Repeat on the other side, alternating for 12-15 repetitions each side.

Thong Bikinis Can Make You the Bikini Babe You’ve Always Imagined

Thong bikinis, string bikinis, and even micro bikinis populate some of the shorelines of North and South American as well as Europe, and heads are sure to turn everywhere they go.

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyMost every girl who’s got the shape for this type of alluring swimsuit ought to really give a thong bikini serious consideration.

And why shouldn’t you? They are fun, comfortable, and hot.

Additionally you’ve got to adore the incredible variety of thong bikinis designed for the fun-loving girl.

Thong bikinis come in varieties from alluring Brazilian thongs to micro bikini thongs as well as almost everything in between.

Thong swimsuits are an increasingly popular and attention-grabbing means for you to look incredible at the beach, pool or just about any other spot you get the chance to wear one.

They are offered in both natural and synthetic materials such as cotton, nylon, micro-fiber, lycra, and spandex.

Your selection of fabrics depends largely on your personal preferences as well as whether you would like something of a sheer bikini or one made from more modest cloth.

“Regardless of what you’re at ease with, it’s out there.

Get Summer Beach Ready Girls With A Sexy Bikini BodyConsidering how small they are, it’s kind of amazing that thong bikinis are available in such a multitude of designs.

Typically the variation centers on whether it’s a low-rise bikini or not, and the style and width of the material running up the buttocks.

It’s all great fun, so shop around and don’t be scared to get a little daring and extreme with your choices.

Thong bikinis are not intended for the woman who’s self conscious or shy, so never hold back on the sexy styles!

Thong bikini swimsuits should be worn around the pool or beach with your head held high plus just the right attitude in the way you walk and carry yourself.

It’s time you be the bikini babe you forever dreamed of. Get a thong swimsuit and live it up!


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