Foods that Stress

Foods that Stress

Keeping a diet that is balanced in nutrients is essential to maintaining health and resilience to anxiety and stress.

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There are many foods that will help your body heal from the effects of stress and strengthen it for future stressful events. There are several foods that impair immunity, stressing the body more than they nourish or heal.

Spicy foods: These types of foods have damaging oils that irritate the stomach lining. Examples of these are chilies, curries, and international dishes like Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Mexican.

Sweets: Sugar is of no nutritional value to the body. The sugar that we consume must be broken down to be stored, and since the body already produces its own saccharides, these are easily over-stored in the pancreas, which augments the risk of acquiring diabetes at a later age.

Sugar is misconstrued as an energizer, as its effects are very short-lived, and it causes both the body and mind to crash after the surge of energy.

Too much salt: Salt plays a crucial role in how your blood pressure behaves and how your adrenal glands work. An overload of salt in your diet will deplete your energy and worsen your mood.

Dairy: Dairy products containing lactose and casein present difficulties for us to digest and can detonate an autoimmune allergic response in the body.

White flour and processed foods: These foods induce a stress Response, as they don’t offer a significant nutritional value and the body has to deplete its own nourishment in order to digest the high amount of calories that is generally contained within these foods.

Preservatives and additives: These synthetic products are noxious to your health, as your body has to do more work to break them down. This causes a decline in energy, and valuable nutrients must be used to digest and assimilate these chemicals.



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