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Fitness at Any Size and Whatever Your Age

Fitness at Any Size and Whatever Your Age

You may feel that you weigh too much to exercise – or you’re too old and it would be dangerous.

The truth is that you can begin as small as is physically comfortable to you and still reap the benefits of regular movement. 

And your age is only a number.

Fitness at Any Size and Whatever Your AgeUnless you have physical ailments or a medical condition, there’s almost no type of exercise you can’t try – with your healthcare provider’s approval, of course.

When you work on your weight and body to be the best you can be, it will show in many different ways. You’ll have more energy, be better able to focus and be a happier person because you feel better.

Don’t let your muscles wither away with age and put on weight that makes you look frumpy and out of shape. With a little persistence and patience, you can become healthier and experience a new lease on life.

Begin slowly. Walking is one of the best exercises and unless you’re confined to a bed or wheelchair it’s a good way to begin a fitness program. If you’ve been sedentary for a good length of time, it may seem like an unreachable goal.

More than likely, you have a great deal of weight to lose and the challenges to get to the weight that’s best for you may be daunting. Yet, exercise combined with a weight loss diet plan is the only way to become healthier and fit.

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There are many apps and gadgets to help you monitor your progress along the way.

The wearable technology such as Fitbit can record how many steps you take per day and other areas that can help you lose weight and continue to become healthier.

It’s important to find an exercise you enjoy and one that works for you and your lifestyle. Besides walking, try dancing to lift your mood while moving the body.

Water aerobics and swimming are great exercises if you’re overweight.

Also, stretching exercises such as those practiced in Yoga are easy on the body, but can raise your energy level and make you feel great.

Do you like to garden?

Fitness at Any Size and Whatever Your AgeGardening gets you outdoors and the activities you engage in will improve your body and mind.

If you think you’re too old to exercise like you used to – it’s probably because you’ve let your body become sedentary and out of shape.

You may have aches and pain or even a medical condition that keeps you from getting in shape.

But, your body is like your mind – if you don’t use it, you run the risk of losing its capacity to perform. Actually, your body is probably not in as bad shape as you think it is.

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You may be less able to do as much as you previous did, but you may be able to do the same things.

You may use the excuse of a slow metabolism to shun exercise, but muscle loss from lack of exercise may be the reason for your sluggish metabolism.

When you build that muscle, your metabolism will increase and burn calories more effectively.

No matter what your size or age, there’s a way to begin an exercise program and keep it up until you reach your desired fitness level and weight.

First, you must develop a winning attitude.

Fitness at Any Size and Whatever Your AgeKnow that it will take time to reach your goals and set smaller goals in the beginning to feel good about your progress.

The results will begin to show if you stick to the program and don’t give up.

Be realistic about your fitness and exercise program. A simple five or ten minutes a couple of times per week is a good place to start.

It may seem like you’re not progressing, but after a couple of weeks, you can rev it up and add to your movements and it won’t seem as difficult.

Don’t think you have to get into an exercise program or purchase a gym membership to lose weight and become fit by exercise.

Just a small amount of movement in the beginning is plenty to get you going. Keep in mind that most people don’t regret exercising – but many regret it when they don’t.


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