Essential Medical Tests Every Man Needs

Essential Medical Tests Every Man Needs

The pursuit of health can sometimes be as time consuming as a full time job.

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Studies have shown that men visit the doctor far less than they should which can sometimes lead to the development of life altering health problems.

Essential Medical Tests Every Man NeedsPreventing these kinds of issues may be challenging but not impossible.

The answer is simple, in that all you have to do, is get a medical test.

Medical tests are used to determine health, and in some cases find illnesses that may be hiding in the body.

If you weren’t sure about the state of your health, wouldn’t you want to know what is going on inside you?

In this article we’ll be considering the essential medical test that every man needs.


Although rare, even if you are of healthy weight, diabetes can be an illness that you may face.

Health and Human services recommends a blood test to determine if this is a possibility.

A blood test is strongly recommended for overweight men, especially those under the age of 45, and those with a family history of the disease.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Today, sexually transmitted infections are becoming increasingly common.

Even if you have been in a monogamous relationship for a number of years, it is still a good idea to get tested.

Some people have been known to go more than 10 years without showing any signs of HIV infection, so the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force admonishes everyone to get tested for HIV at least once.


Men have a much higher rate of cardiovascular disease than women, so men are urged to have their cholesterol levels checked every six years.

If you have other risk factors, your doctor may ask you to get tested more often.

Blood Pressure

While high blood pressure is often symptomless, it can cause a few other health issues.

If high blood pressure is common in your family, or you are overweight, you should get checked.

The positive thing, is that it is a relatively fast and easy procedure that requires no needles.

Prostate Exam

Prostate exams are likely to be the least popular among men. Studies have shown that while tests can, and often do save lives, some of the tests can be very expensive, and possibly result in false positives.

You may want to talk to your doctor about the details of testing, and prostate cancer screening.


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