Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People Part One

Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People Part One

Introduction – Healthy Cooking Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

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One of the biggest reasons people give for not eating healthy is that they’re too busy. Eating healthy is complicated, right? It takes a lot of time to shop for and prepare. It’s expensive too. …at least that’s what they say. The truth is that eating healthy is just as easy, and maybe easier, than eating unhealthy food. And depending on how you shop, eating healthy can save you some money. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Think about this…

You can waste 10-15 minutes in drive through or take out line to pay upwards of $7 for a burger, fries and a drink. You can wait 30 minutes to an hour for a $15-20 pizza. The next time you’re hungry, you spend that same amount of time and money to eat out again. Alternately, you could cook one healthy dish for about the same cost as that pizza and you can get up to 4 meals from it.

It sounds impossible but it’s true. This report is designed to show you how to eat better and we’ve made it as easy as possible by starting you off with your first week’s shopping list and meal plan.

So let’s start with the 3 P’s which are the foundation of simple healthy eating. And yes, it tastes great too.

Part One: The 3 P’s What They Are and Why They’re Important

The 3 P’s are the foundation of quick and easy meals that are healthy and uncomplicated. By uncomplicated, we mean that you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen each night preparing dinner. You also won’t be spending hundreds of additional dollars at the supermarket on your new shopping list.

In fact, consider taking a look at your last few grocery bills and add up the time it took you each day to get food on the table. When you’re done with this first week of healthy cooking, compare the time and money spent. We think you’ll be surprised. So let’s take a closer look at what the 3 P’s mean and why they’re so important to your healthy cooking success.

Planning, Prepping, and Patience/Persistence

The 3 P’s of healthy cooking are planning, prepping, and patience or persistence. They each play a unique and important role in your healthy cooking lifestyle change. Planning is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll want to plan your meals each week. Planning helps you stay focused on your goals. It also makes healthy eating a no-brainer.

Planning includes choosing recipes, making a list, and shopping for your meals. And when all of that is taken care of in a systematic and organized way, then eating healthy is super easy. And no, you won’t be eating only salads this week. Though, those are easy to prepare and healthy. You’ll be enjoying things like enchiladas and meatloaf and pork roast. And it’ll be easy. Promise.

Without planning for your meals in advance, it’s easy to fall back on take out and cereal for dinner. Planning your meals means that you have food ready when you are hungry and the vending machine, delivery guys and drive through windows are easier to avoid.

So what is the “prepping” part of the 3 P’s?

Prepping means that you do some of the meal work in advance and we’ll talk in a bit more detail about what that means. Prepping can be anything from making your meals on the weekend to using a crock pot, to chopping, dicing, and slicing in advance so that when you get home from a long day, you just have to toss it all in a pan. And there are many fun tricks and appliances to help you get the job done.

Now let’s talk about the patience and persistence factor. Because making any change to your lifestyle and your habits, good or bad, is difficult. There will be days where you will probably have a fully prepared meal ready at home and you’ll swing through the drive through anyway.

There will be days when you just don’t feel like making lists or shopping. Forgive yourself for those days. You’re not perfect. And get back to your healthy cooking plan. Experts say it takes a few weeks to create a new habit. Give yourself the time to adapt to your new routine. You will have bumps in the road and that’s okay. Just get back to it.

We’ll talk about how to make the patience and persistence component of your healthy cooking plan easier in a little while.

So let’s get started with the first P, Planning in part two.



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