Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People Part Four: Patience and Persistence

Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People Part Four: Patience and Persistence

Any new habit takes time to integrate into your life.

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And healthy cooking requires you to adopt a few new habits. Steps like making a meal plan, going shopping, and preparing the meals are all new habits and they take a little bit of time to build. Any tip or tactic you can use to help you stick with your plan is a good one. Let’s take a look at a few to consider.

  • Maximize your time. Find time in your day to make your meal plan and your lists. You might be able to fit it in as you eat your lunch on Monday or you can dictate your shopping list as you commute. There are little bits of time during the week to take care of the planning portion of your healthy cooking lifestyle.
  • Get the family involved. If you live with roommates, have children or a significant other then get them involved in the process. Ask them to choose meals, to create lists, and to help with the meal prep. You can assign each family member a meal that they’re responsible for. You can swap weeks or nights with your roommate or significant other. There are many different ways to get everyone involved. This way it’s more fun and you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • Have fun with it. Try new foods. Enjoy foods from other cultures. There are so many different grains, fruits, and vegetables that you could easily try something new each week. You can make a game of it. Eating should be fun and healthy food should taste great. Sure, you may choose some recipes that don’t work out. However, that’s part of the process. You’ll learn what works best for you.
  • Create systems that support you. We’ve talked about technology and tools to help you plan and prepare your meals. Find the best technology and system for you. It might be pencil and paper and your grandmother’s cookbook or it might be an online note taking system and a subscription to a dozen healthy eating recipe resources. The approach doesn’t matter as long as it’s one that supports you and that you will follow through on.

Okay, we’ve covered the 3 P’s and you now have a solid framework to begin cooking healthy meals at home, eating better, and feeling better. In the last section of this book we’ll talk about getting started. This is where you’ll find your meal plan, recipes and your shopping list. It’s exactly what you need to kick off your new healthy cooking lifestyle.

Looking Forward to Our Fifth and Final Part of Easy Healthy Cooking for Busy People?

It contains the Meat and Bones of The Plan so to speak, the Sample Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping List so Be Warned it’s a Sizable Download…



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