Diagnosing Your Previous Mental State

Diagnosing Your Previous Mental State

When you feel unbalanced, find it difficult to focus on daily business or have trouble getting enough sleep, it’s time for a diagnosis of your present mental state.

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You can find some clues in looking at your past mental history. Perhaps you’re under a great deal of stress and need to either reduce your workload or other stress triggers or find new or tried and true methods to cope with it.

Diagnosing Your Previous Mental StateIf the usual methods of reducing stress don’t work, you should see a doctor for a possible medical diagnosis.

Not being able to focus on work or other daily factors in your life are signs that you need to reassess your mindset and make positive changes. The first thing you need to do is figure out if you’re in a growth or stagnant mindset.

A growth mindset sets you on the right track for success and can provide the motivation and even energy you need to move forward. Your mind keeps track of what’s happening in the present moment and should automatically discern what to do next.

Sometimes the interpretations of the mind cause us to see things differently than they really are and react emotionally. When that happens, feelings may become exaggerated and anxiety and depression may occur.

Ask yourself if your mind is providing the right signals as to what is happening now and assess your reactions. When your internal monologue focuses on putting yourself down, your mindset is fixed and your feelings and reactions to situations may be skewed.

A growth mindset also provides you with signals, but the internal monologue focuses on action rather than judgment. The situation may be positive or negative, but a growth mindset sees it as a lesson for progress.

Achieving a growth mindset will help you become more effective in setting and achieving goals and will replace the old mindset that kept you down. Your previous mindset had you listening to the voices that put negative thoughts in your head.

You can recognize those thought processes by how they make you feel. Put downs such as, “I’ll surely fail,” or “I don’t have the talent to do that,” are common thoughts for those with a fixed mindset of failure.

When you begin to recognize those voices for what they are (lies), you’ll be better able to make a choice of choosing to believe it or to challenge those voices by positive thoughts.

“Learn how to use positive affirmations to combat the negative thoughts that run through the mind on a regular basis.

Eventually, a growth mindset will take over and you’ll find yourself happier and with more energy to get things done.

You’ll likely have some setbacks and you won’t always be able to rise to the challenge of combating the negative thoughts in your mind, but with practice, you can learn and improve.

Journaling is a good method to learn about your mindset history.

Diagnosing Your Previous Mental StateYou can easily look back and see what your mindset was during various situations in your life and how you reacted to them – negatively or positively.

You may want to talk to your counselor or health care provider about some of the innovative new gadgets available that can help you gauge and get feedback on your mindset issues.

Wearable devices such as the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and the Pacifica app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone are just two of the incredible headways into achieving positive mindset that are on the market today.

Both provide feedback to help you overcome hurdles that arise on a daily basis and train your thought patterns to focus on positive rather than negative ways to cope with problems.

You’ll gain lots of insight into how to handle future problems similar to what you went through in the past. What worked to get you back on track in the past? You may realize that you over-reacted to a certain situation or problem or that there was a physical reason for your reaction.

Whatever is keeping you from the mental health and mindset you need to achieve success, taking a serious look at your past history is a good way of planning the future and your goal of glowing mental health.


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