Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun Fitness

Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun Fitness

Why You Should Consider Hula Hooping For Fitness

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Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun FitnessThe Hula Hoop flew onto the scene in 1958 and quickly become one of the most successful toys ever created. But as time went on, people began to learn that this genius invention was worth a lot more than a fun toy to play with during time the sock hop.

Hula Hoops Are still around to this day, and recent years have seen them become a staple in exercise, but why should you consider hula hooping for fitness?

The following article will be exploring just a few points.

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Hula Hoop Form

Like most other exercise, stretching beforehand can help prepare you for the workout, and help you to prevent sustaining injuries. Before you begin, you should stretch your arms, legs and back. For good measure, perform a few lunges as well.

Swing the Hula Hoop around your waist. To keep the hula hoop moving, shift your weight back and forth. Rock your hips in a circular motion as you go.

Over time, focus on increasing the amount of time that you can hula hoop. Increase your time by 5 – 10 minutes each time you practice. This will be a great starting point for your hula hoop exercise program. Work your way up to being able to hula hoop for 30 minutes.

If you have a hard time, start out with a heavier hula hoop. Once you have become relatively experienced, you can begin to use much smaller hula hoops that are more lightweight.

Back and Legs

As you rock back and forth, you are working a lot of very essential joints. As you flex and rotate your spine, knee, and hip joints, the motion will work your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, dorsiflexes on the front of your legs, and your calf muscles.

You might get sore if you’re not used to any sort of activity, but simply give your body a day of rest and get back into it. Within a short time, you will notice that your body is already becoming stronger and your muscles are now becoming used to the exercise.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that a consistent workout routine involving hula hooping have been effective in aid weight loss. This is likely to be due to the fact that the simple motion of hula hooping engages multiple muscle groups. 30 minutes of hula hooping may have the ability to burn nearly as many calories as an intense 45-minute workout.

Benefits of Working Out With a Hula Hoop

When you think of workout equipment, you likely think of yoga blocks or kettlebells. One thing you probably do not think about is the use of a hula hoop.

The misconception is that a hula hoop is a children’s toy and just has no place in working out.

The truth is, it can be a very effective tool for working out and can give you some really strong benefits. Here are a few of those benefits.

Calorie Burn

One of the first things you will notice when you start hula hooping is the calorie burn. On average, you will burn between 200 and 300 calories with traditional in gym exercises and routines.

With hula hooping you can burn 600 calories per hour.

That is a huge calorie burn and advantage for someone who is trying to drop a large amount of unwanted weight through burning more calories than you take in.

Full Body Workout

Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun FitnessIf you are looking for a full body workout with limited equipment then hula hooping may be ideal. The hula hoop can give you a full body workout as well as fit into your current body resistance routine.

For example, you can do lunges while you work your arms with the hoop. You can also do balancing and some yoga poses while incorporating the hula hoop.

You can work your abs, arms, shoulders, legs, and core as well. It is all in how you use the routines and hula hoop options. Keep in mind, there are tons of hula hooping options and methods so you will not be limited to just a few.

Spine and Back Health

If you have spine and back issues, one of the things you will likely be told to work on is your posture. Well, it just so happens that you have to have excellent posture while using a hula hoop. This is true for most any of the methods you have to use to hold up the hoop or use it properly.

You must keep your back straight and spine straight which means building the strength of the muscles. In fact, if you are looking for a way to do these things, but you want to make sure that you are not causing more strain, then this may be ideal.

These are the benefits that anyone starting out using a hula hoop for fitness will start to see. As you get deeper into using a hula hoop for fitness, you will start seeing more and more benefits.

3 Hula Hoop Exercises to Try Out

Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun FitnessSo, you have started considering hula hoops as part of a fitness option. You may have felt that this was a silly option when you first heard about it.

As you have looked into it, you may have found that it can actually be very beneficial for your cardio, for your core, for muscles, and more.

What you may not have found out yet, is which hula hoop exercises are available and which ones you should try out. Here are a few that you should try out in your routine and see how they work for you.

Stretching Exercises

One of the ways that many people use hula hoops is as an accessory for stretching exercises. Stretching out your back muscles, for example, may seem easy. However, you can step that up by using a hula hoop to stretch more muscles in your back.

This is due to the placement of your arms on the hula hoop. Your arms are stretched a bit more than they normally would be. The hoop provides stability and the ability to stretch further simply with placement.

You can also use the hoop for side stretches and as a much larger version of a Pilates ring.

Twist Passes

A twist pass with the hula hoop may look simple and like it doesn’t do anything for your body. The truth is, it can become intense and even challenging. This exercise is done by standing straight and holding the hoop on one side, either left or right.

You must keep the hoop parallel to the ground. While holding the hoop out parallel, you pass the hoop from one hand to the other while doing a full twist like you would with twist stretches.

This works your arms, your core, and your abs. It can even work your legs depending on the stance you take during the passes.

Have You Considered Hula Hooping For Free Fun Fitness

Lunge Hoops

If you have been doing body weight resistance workouts, then you have likely done a lunge or two. You know that the lunge exercise can help work your abs, your leg muscles, and help you with flexibility. You can step that up by using a hula hoop during the workout.

Take the hoop and spin it on your wrist and arm while you are doing the lunges. Do this for at least 10 lunges then switch arms and do the lunges again. This will help give you an almost full body workout by working arms, legs, abs, and core.

These are just a few of the options available to you. You can try them and see how they work for you and what options will work into your fitness plans to meet your goals.

You will also be able to see which accessories may work out best for you as well.

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