Beginners Tips For Kayaking

Beginners Tips For Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun and adventurous way to get in a good workout while also enjoying the great outdoors.

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Beginners Tips For KayakingThe more you can get outside, the happier you will feel, not to mention the benefits from all that fresh air. If you’ve never been in a boat, the idea of putting yourself in a tiny boat that you must steer and paddle with your arms might seem like a daunting endeavor.

But with a small amount of research, you could find yourself taking off to go on a kayaking vacation in no time.

People everywhere have begun to see the value of kayaking, but how do you get into it?

This article will be sharing a few tips for kayaking beginners.

Learn How to Kayak

The first things you should always learn when it comes to outdoor activities like this should be your basic technique, and your safety precautions. It would be a good idea to find an instructor that is very experienced and also certified by the American Canoe Association to teach professionally.

This will cut out some of the time it may take to learn on your own, and with a teacher, they will set you on a path that helps you to avoid getting bad habits that can impair your progress. Be sure to be realistic about your goals. Start off in a calmer area and avoid rapids when you are starting out.


Safety is one of the most import pieces of the skill set you need to kayak. There are a number of tools you need such as a life vest, and in this case, you will want to get a life vest that is specifically designed for kayaking. These special life vests allow for a wider range of motion so that you can sit properly in the kayak and paddle without being obstructed.

When you are in faster moving or rocky waters you should always wear a helmet to avoid exposing yourself to a possible head injury. Dry bags are more recommended than spray skirts because spray skirts can trap you underwater if the kayak were to capsize of turn over.

Learning to Paddle

Learning to paddle is crucial because each stroke controls the power and direction of the kayak. Even though strength is a good thing to have, technique is the most important part of using a kayak, and nearly anyone can learn how to paddle with some focused effort.

When you decided to purchase a paddle, be sure that the one you select is better quality so that you get something that will serve you well. A Nicer paddle will be lighter and easier to use because the materials will be high quality.

The Benefits of Kayaking For Fitness

Kayaking is something you tend to think of when you are planning an outdoor trip or camping trip around lakes and rivers. You may not think of it outside of the recreational options that it offers.

The truth is, kayaking can benefit you in many health based ways. If you are looking for something that will help boost your workouts and give you a bit more in your fitness routine, then kayaking may be for you. Here are a few of those benefits to consider.

Arm Workout

A huge benefit to kayaking for fitness is the arm workout it can give you. For example, when you workout in the gym you are working certain areas of your arms and it can take up to an hour to get to the whole muscle system of both arms depending on what you are doing.

When you do kayaking for fitness you are working your entire arm and shoulder area. In fact, you are working your arms, shoulders, and even back muscles. For the time you are putting in, you are getting more for your upper body than you would with traditional methods.

Calorie Burn

If you have the ability to go kayaking on a routine basis, meaning once to several times a week, then you are looking at one of the highest burning calorie workouts available to you. Kayaking can burn 500 or more calories in half an hour to an hour session.

This blows things like traditional swimming and water aerobics out of the water as a high calorie burn fitness routine. If you need a high calorie burn because you can only be out of the house or working out a few times a week and you need to maximize that time. Then this is an ideal option to consider.

Stress Release

If you are looking for a fitness routine that not only works out your body and gives you a high calorie burn for weight loss, but also helps with stress then kayaking may be it. Kayaking can help work your entire body. This means you are working out the tension that stress brings to the body.

The release of that tension leads to a relaxation effect throughout your body. This also release endorphins which can help to naturally calm your body.

By considering these benefits, you can help decide if kayaking may work into your fitness routine. You can also decide if you want to do this weekly or longer.

Once you decide, you can start off your kayaking fitness routine and then work your way up to more advanced kayaking options.

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Gear You Need to Start Kayaking

Kayaking can be one of the most rewarding boat experiences that you can have because of its multifaceted nature. As you paddle through the water on your journey of discovery, you will find health benefits of several types, but how do you get started?

It should be noted that kayaking takes a level of preparedness as well as safety, so this article has been compiled for the purpose of telling you the gear you need to start kayaking.

Kayaking Life Vest

If you are planning to go kayaking, one of the most important pieces of gear that you need to be sure to include is a kayaking life vest. A kayaking life vest is different from a regular life vest in a few small ways. A kayaking life vest is made to give you room to sit properly, while being a very snug fit and cut to allow for a much wider range of motion.

They often include a utility area with pockets that allow you to keep other small supplies close to your body for easy availability. Some models even include a utility belt attachment option.

High Quality Paddle

Since the paddle is one of the most important parts of kayaking, it would probably be a clever idea to make sure to get something that will suitable for long term use, and is also less likely to break. Better quality will see lighter, more durable paddles than the less expensive options.

Size can also be a factor when you’re making your purchase. You should be able to hold onto the paddle comfortably without straining. If the paddle doesn’t fit you properly, it increases its chances of being lost or very difficult to paddle in your kayak.

Bilge Pump

This little device could provide a large amount of security for you. A bilge pump has the job of getting water out of your kayak that may naturally happen because of water lapping the sides of your kayak in fast moving water.

Water makes your kayak less stable, and the extra weight could cause you to capsize, so because the last thing you want is to be upside down in the water, it is essential that you remove the water from the boat as quickly as possible.

Compass and Map

Lastly, you need to have a way to keep track of where you’re going. A compass and map will help you to be able to keep track of where you are. If you have purchased the life vest that has pockets or a utility section, they will fit nicely in one of the pockets.

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