Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix EXTREME Review

Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix EXTREME Review

Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix EXTREME – Ultimate Package

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Autumn Calabrese's 21-Day Fix EXTREME ReviewStarting a new program that is based on the idea of a challenge to you, is a big step for your health the 21-Day Fix program is just that. It is challenging you to start two healthy habits, diet and exercise. When you start this program, you actually have two choices.

You can purchase the DVD from Beachbody or you can take part in Beachbody’s on demand plan.

Either way, you can get just the DVD and nothing else. Most people do that to try it out, but find out they need the other accessories that come in a kit. If this is where you are, you may be looking at this ultimate package wondering if it is right for you.

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Here is what you need to know about the Autumn Calbrese 21-Day Fix Extreme Ultimate Package.

Who is This Package For?

This package is for someone who has moved from the original or beginner 21-Day Fix plan and is now moving to the advanced or Extreme 21-Day Fix. It is also for someone who may have been gifted the workouts, a Beachbody on demand subscription that allows access to the workouts, or someone who has been given a small starter kit.

This kit takes your workout to the next level and allows you to go deeper and more advanced into the workout routine and the program itself.

After Day 21: Moving on to 21 Day Fix EXTREME and Other Workouts

Can I mix 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts? Can I take days off between rounds? Autumn Calabrese talks about what comes after completing 21 Day Fix.

What Does the Package Include?

The ultimate package gives you everything you need to get started on either program including the containers, the workouts, the guides, the recipes, a resistance band, and the Shakeology shake mixing cup for travel and ease of one serving mixing.

This means that you get everything you need to step up your program and get the full benefit of what you want from the new habit you are forming with 21-Day Fix.

That in mind, it should be mentioned that what is not included in this it is the Shakeology shake mix itself. If you plan on incorporating that shake into your daily workout and diet routine, you will need to purchase the 30 day supply separately of this ultimate kit.

Autumn Calabrese's 21-Day Fix EXTREME ReviewHow Does it Compare to Other Packages?

The ultimate package gives you a few things that other packages do not. You do get the shaker, which is included in a few packages but not most of the popular ones.

You will also get a resistance band which will help with the more advanced workouts. You are getting a package that is geared for both the original and the Extreme versions of the 21-Day Fix program.

It is an official kit so you will be sure that it can be adapted easily.

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