Assisted Living Workouts Using Gym Equipment

Assisted Living Workouts Using Gym Equipment

Many assisted living facilities will have a workout room or fitness center, which is great news!

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You don’t have to leave the facility just to use workout equipment, and you can typically use it at any time during the day based on your personal schedule. These are some workouts that are good for seniors to do using gym equipment.

Strength Training

The first type of workout you can do if your assisted living facility has a workout room or full gym is to use the weight training equipment. There are a lot of different types of equipment, so just use whatever is available.

Perhaps they are set up for circuit training, where multiple machines are set up in a large circle, allowing you to use each machine for a short period of time.

Other workout rooms just have a single full-body workout machine, so ask someone who works there to teach you how to use this type of machine.

Strength training is going to help keep your body in good shape and will also improve your flexibility and balance, two things that are important as a senior adult.

Cardio Equipment

If there is a workout room, you probably also have some cardio equipment you can use. This allows you to get your blood pumping and improve your circulation, without having to go for a long walk or take an aerobics class.

Perhaps you would prefer just using a treadmill or elliptical, both machines will provide a good workout. The treadmill is good if you want to walk or jog, without going outside.

You can usually set different speeds and even change the incline. With an elliptical, it provides upper and lower body workouts, which is great.

Then there is the stationary bike, providing a different type of lower body workout.

Gym Accessories

Lastly, there is the option of using different types of accessories in the workout room. This is a good option when you want to switch up your workout routine, or when the heavy equipment is a little hard on your joints.

For example, resistance bands are often easier to handle than some of the other weightlifting equipment, but just as effective. To work on your balance, you can use a medicine ball for some workouts.

If you prefer, there are usually hand weights in fitness centers or workout rooms, allowing you to choose a lighter weight that is easier for you to handle.


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