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5 Solo Assisted Living Workouts

You may live in an assisted living community with other seniors, but that doesn’t mean you are interested in exercising with them.

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But don’t worry, there are plenty of workouts you can do in the facility all by yourself! Here are some different solo assisted living workout options you might have.

1. Bed or Chair Workouts

It is good to start with these types of workouts, because you shouldn’t feel like because you are in a wheelchair or bedridden, you can’t still exercise.

There are a lot of workouts you can do if you are in a chair or bed, from gentle yoga or leg lifts in the bed, to upper body workouts if you are in a wheelchair.

These can be done on your own right in your room, so it is often more comfortable as well.

2. Yoga and Stretching

These are great exercises to do on your own because they are gentle on your body and really improve your flexibility and balance, which is important as you get older.

You can do them in your room, or use the facility’s workout room if you have one.

Make sure you are doing the more gentle and senior-friendly yoga poses like the mountain pose and tree pose.

With stretching, just do different movements that feel comfortable and allow you to stretch different parts of your body.

3. Walking or Jogging

This will depend on your fitness level and what you feel comfortable with, but both walking and jogging are ideal workouts to do on your own.

If you are physically fit, jogging can be a great workout for you, and you can control how far you go or how long you jog for.

Walking is good for most seniors, even if you only walk for 5-10 minutes a day around the assisted living community.

4. Gardening

Does your assisted living community have a garden they let everyone use? If so, this is the perfect workout! You are able to get outside and enjoy all that vitamin D, while also getting more energy from the sun.

Gardening can be a rewarding activity that also provides excellent fat and calorie burning. Ask for knee pads or a chair if your body gets sore from doing the gardening.

5. In-Room Workouts

Perhaps you are someone that prefers exercising from inside your room, and that is okay. There are workout DVDs and television channels that provide easy workouts for you to do right in front of your TV.


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