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5 Minute Full Body Workout from Fitness Trainer Laurent Amzallag

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Burn calories and get moving with this exclusive workout from fitness trainer Laurent Amzallag. Follow along as Amzallag teaches Dr. Oz how to warm up, let loose, and cool down in just five minutes.


we get an exclusive workout from one of Oprah’s fitness experts Laura I’m the log from her live your best life tour take it away Laura all right speaking with the warm-up you ready let’s bring those arms up and then we’re gonna end into a squat okay nice and easy and when you put down that little booty shake come on that’s it up joins him through the booty shaker one bring it up so what we’re doing right now is we’re along getting the body and we’re just greasing up all those joy you’re not shaking anymore I didn’t know that she can we still go young all right let’s go down let’s do that one more time up and down good

all right now we’re still warming up we’re gonna go down into a side squats you’re gonna bring it up and you’re gonna go on the other side once again now what we’re doing is we’re opening up those inner thighs okay which is very important because people get those muscles really tight and you want to open up just like that are you feeling the turns I like this there you go pull this off and down nice here’s ones neither one of my favorites you don’t squat down yeah you gonna have

your arms fourth and you’ve seen this in the gyms where people use the ropes right yes and you just bring those arms up and once again shake it up there you go there you go bring it up what we’re doing now is we’re increasing the heart rate there we go that’s the spirits go nuts we’re increasing the heart rates yeah and we’re also working all the upper body muscles just like that you want to make the workout fun you know just go 1 2 3 4 and boom perfect

all right now let’s go on the floor we’re gonna hit some push-ups ok all right let’s go warm up again only a few minutes you can get all the workout you need you good as you go down you lift the leg up okay so now we’re getting the glutes involved okay you want those booties to be nice and strong you always see flames coming out of your butt by the way huh I want to see it bring it up be careful what you went up for one more time and now we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side ready because you don’t want one butt cheek to be jealous no enough good just like that nice one more time and boom perfect now we’re on the floor what we’re going to do is something at mountain climber we’re gonna do this one

like this alright so what we’re doing right now is going to cut you up but we’re leaning forward so we’re getting those arms to earth-toned as well just like that and you could go at the speed you want just like that or you could go really fast just like that mess you made are you now this but a little crazier shall we little crazier that was crazy

alright so now we’re gonna put down you’re going to turn on the side and you’re gonna go back oh my goodness yes you’re gonna turn and back down there you go now we’re getting the coin bumped because we had that twist in getting the legs and you get the car you guys watch where you’re burning calories while you’re building your bike that’s what you want to do one more time and boom perfect let’s go that now I like that great we’re gonna get some tour so I’m straight forward

all right you’re gonna go forward and you’re gonna twist on the side and back on the other side so you always bring the twist where the leg is in front okay just like that twist it so that’s not stretch your whole torso and you’re gonna get some point but there you go and then your knee shouldn’t cross your feet is that right is that not matter no it doesn’t matter you could have like you’re Jim’s bunk and a look if you want just like that oh I like that Laura just like that big boom let’s go one more time oh oh man boom perfect that’s a good one there broke those you know okay you want to crease you exercising that’s yeah we’re gonna do

something called 180s you’re gonna squat down like that you’re gonna turn like this and you’re gonna go back again and if you want you could go back again here and why not let’s do this and now you do it non-stop just like that one it is what’s the easier version of this walk around like this there you go one more time and boom perfect now never won’t do it without work on those hips okay really important part the hips over here it’s gonna look like this this is the slow portion of it okay this is the motion we’re gonna use now let’s go faster just like that so this leg goes stationary what the other one opens up just like that so we’re working on the hips

well keep the hybrid up you can rhythm yours around I like that one more I know the other side’s same thing there you go so you wanna start nice and easy to get the rhythm and back let’s go for more one two three four five that’s 30 seconds something think we the last 30 seconds all right now go to side shuffles in so it looks like you don’t go down you’re gonna open up that inner thigh and then you’re gonna go on the other side just like that and back good you don’t touch the floor and stretch those inner thighs in the same time I like it straight there you go just like that so you’re getting a stretch and you’re getting your cardio in the same time to to the price of one this is the liquidation sale


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