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4 Nutrition Tips For Seniors

Seniors need to remain physically and mentally healthy, both of which requires following a healthy diet.

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It helps to know exactly what types of nutrients are important for people as they age, which this information is going to provide you.

Look For a Healthy Balance

When you are putting meals together, don’t stress about the overall protein, carbohydrate, fat, or calorie counts. Keeping track of every macro can be frustrating and a bit overwhelming.

Try to simplify the eating process by just looking for a balance of the different food groups you should be eating. If you aim for a rainbow of foods for every meal, you will get a good balance of nutrients.

Your plate should be made up of lean protein, fruits and veggies, dairy, and whole grains. With that balance, your meals will be healthy and tasty.

Get More Vitamins and Minerals From Your Food

While you might be taking a multi-vitamin each day, you should still try to get as many nutrients from natural food sources as you can.

Just by having a lot of fruits and veggies, protein, and whole grains in your diet, you will already be on your way to doing this.

In addition to these helpful ways, also make sure you are drinking plenty of water, an important part of being healthy.

Some vitamins you need each day are vitamin B and vitamin D. Vitamin B is going to help with your nerves and blood, while vitamin D is important for your skin and overall health.

Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet

Sugar isn’t good for anyone, but especially as you age. It can cause dehydration, affect your dental health, and isn’t providing any nutrition that your body needs.

Instead of giving it up altogether, try to gradually reduce how much sugar you have by having less fruit juice and soft drinks, not putting as much in your coffee, and cutting back a little bit on the sweets and refined carbs.

These small changes won’t make you feel deprived, but will gradually change the way you look at sugar and won’t cause as many cravings overall.

Make Sure You Get Enough Fiber

One of the most important nutrients for an older adult is fiber. You need fiber to help with your digestive health, especially when you reach 50 years old. You should get about 21-30 grams of fiber each day.

You can get it through eating whole fruits and vegetables, salads, beans, nuts and seeds. Oatmeal, carrots, tomatoes, barley, and whole grains are all really good sources of fiber.


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