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4 Group Assisted Living Workouts for Seniors

If you live in an assisted living facility, you benefit not only from possible on-site fitness resources and maybe even a gym, but the fact that you can exercise with others who live there.

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This can help to motivate you and keep you energized, while also getting in a good workout regularly.

Here are some different workouts you can do with a group at an assisted living facility.

1. Dance Class

If your assisted living community offers dance classes, you should definitely consider taking one!

These can be so much fun, and because they are held at your community, all of the dance moves are going to cater to your physical capabilities.

There are even seniors in wheelchairs or who can’t spend a lot of time walking or standing who love taking these dance classes.

Plus, it is a great way to meet your neighbors and make some really close friends.

2. Aerobics

There are two types of aerobics classes that assisted living communities often provide, including regular low-impact aerobics and water aerobics.

If you have a large community that has a swimming pool, then water aerobics can be great for you.

This is ideal because it is gentle on your body, so even if you have bad arthritis, water arthritis allows you to get in a good workout without too much stress being put on your joints.

You can also take a regular low-impact aerobics class with other seniors in your community.

This will provide very simple movements to get your blood pumping without causing physical discomfort, such as walking in place, lifting your legs, and moving your arms.

3. Circuit Training

Do you have a workout room or fitness center in your assisted living facility? If so, you can take advantage of by going to a circuit training session.

There are usually multiple machines in one room, where each person uses one machine for a short period of time, then moves to the next machine.

You do this as a group so you get the community factor, but you also get to use different workout machines for great results.

4. Outdoor Workouts

Many assisted living communities provide different outdoor activities that allow you to also exercise, such as playing golf or tennis, going for a walk around the community, or playing games like badminton.

This is another wonderful way to make friends, socialize, and move your body at the same time.


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