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16 Arm Exercises Without Weights You Can Do at Home

No gym, no weights, no problem. Use these 16 equipment-free arm exercises without weights to get a great arm workout at home, or anywhere you want.

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While many upper-body exercises involve equipment like dumbbells and barbells, arm exercises without weights are a solid way to put your muscles to the test, too.

After all, the weight of your body is equipment in its own right—you can use it to load your arm muscles and make ’em work.

There’s no heavy lifting required, and a gym membership is totally optional.

To be totally clear, it’s hard to work all of the muscles in your arms without weights, so equipment-free arm exercises are only going to be able to target certain areas, primarily the tops of the shoulders (the deltoids) and the triceps.

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Other arm muscles, like your biceps, typically need some external resistance to work against.

But the exercises listed here are definitely useful for hitting some key muscle groups when you don’t have access to equipment.

Most no-equipment arm exercises are some version of planks or push-ups, which means they also require you to engage your core, so you’ll work those muscles at the same time.

This means you might not feel the same concentrated burn in your arms like you would with, say, a shoulder press, and that’s totally

OK. Just because these equipment-free arm exercises don’t isolate the upper body doesn’t mean they aren’t working it. And trust us, you’ll feel the proof a few days later.

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